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Keep fit in Newcastle | On The Cheap

The non-committal, broke, lazy girl’s guide to keeping fit in Newcastle

Newcastle is all about that beach, fit lifestyle. It's about getting up early on a Sunday, going to the gym and then enjoying a latté by the beach. Newcastle’s dress code is active wear and everyone seems to be on trend, myself included (even if you’re not necessarily doing active activities).

But what if you are just not the commitment type? What if, like me, you are a recent Uni student and yet to be making any real money? What if, and it can be hard to admit, you’re just lazy? How do you stay fit in Newcastle? Well, as someone who ticks all of the above here are a few suggestions.

Yoga For All

Firstly, there is no membership or contract to sign. You literally just have to show up, or don’t, entirely up to how you are feeling on that particular day. Yoga For All is also an affordable option where you only have to pay what you can afford.

Bathers Way walk

This involves zero money and is a great scenic route to take at your own pace depending on your fitness level. This walk is also the perfect Instagram pic opportunity, so you can at least appear to be exercising…and that’s basically the same thing right?

Cycle the Fernleigh track

Dust off your bike that has been stored away in the back of the garage and get out to enjoy the 15km Fernleigh track. Stretching from Adamstown to Belmont this track has multiple access and/or exit points.

Saturday morning Park run

These free 5km park runs are a great incentive to get up early and start the weekend off right. There are people participating with all different levels of fitness so you can complete it at your own pace. All the results are recorded online so you can keep track of your time and aim to improve each week. Check out the website to find out where the closest park run is to you.

Swim laps at the Merewether and Newcastle baths

Swimming laps is a great therapeutic way to keep fit, and on a hot Newcastle day it is the perfect way to cool off!