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The Great Northern Hotel

This historic inner city hotel has reopened its doors!

Sitting pretty on Newcastle’s Scott Street, The Great Northern Hotel is now heading into its next phase of new life. The hotel which will sprawls across four levels, is by far, one of the most exciting developments that Newcastle has seen in recent years.

Owners Ben McBeath and Myles Plenty started this epic task almost three years to the date and are more than happy with the result of the renovations.

Great Northern Hotel

When asked if the final development has hit the nail on the head for what they initially expected for the venue, Ben says, there have been some minor elements of difference, but overall it is everything they could have ever wished for.  

The rebuild hasn't been without its difficulties, initial extensive delays, removal of excessive concrete and a heritage listing has meant much collaboration with third parties was necessary to ensure the correct heritage perspective was achieved for the venue.

Great Northern Hotel

“You have to be mindful, of what works with these buildings, they do have a bit of a mind of themselves.”

Ben says he is most proud of his teams' effort to get the venue up and running over the last twelve weeks. He says every part of the venue is pretty amazing, but he would call the sports bar his new home if he had the choice. 

“I do feel like the room is everything I could wish for as a sports enthusiast. I think we have hit that absolutely perfectly. We have shown real respect for the amazing heritage detail and I’m just so happy to see how that has turned out.”

Great Northern Hotel

As for the dining and drinking aspect, the pub will keep to tradition serving quality pub food at a reasonable price. 

“The food is a big big part of pubs these days. I wanted to create and work with a kitchen that respects traditional pub food needs.”

The bar aims to keep things authentic, sticking to the 1940s built vibe but will be experimenting with cocktails for those looking for something a little different.

Great Northern Hotel

Whether you're a local or an out of towner you are sure to be impressed by the remarkable transformation that the Great Northern Hotel has undergone, and a visit should be on everyone's list of must do's this summer. 

The Great Northern Hotel

83-89 Scott Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

Today - 1000 - 0100