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The Edwards

Visit this community minded bar, restaurant and cafe in Newcastle West

The Edwards has become a place that we all know and love, not just for its great cafe and restaurant food and great atmosphere but it has become the ultimate festival venue.

Founded by Newcastle entrepreneurs Chris Joannou and Chris Johnston, The Edwards now has a number of spaces that will add to its reputation as an artistic and cultural nexus for the city.

The duo has successfully created a line-up of seven unique offerings to add to the thriving Parry Street community – The Edwards bar and restaurant, beer garden, coin-op, laundrette, vinyl store, motorbike workshop, front bar and culture shop. Owner Chris Joannou said the expansion is about more than the top quality food and drinks they serve up, but each of the spaces will offer a unique experience.

“For us this is about providing a place that will enrich the lives of Novocastrians and all those who come to visit this wonderful city of ours. It’s about providing a range of top quality experiences and spaces that appeal to a broad range of the population.

“Much of the soul of The Edwards has come from the people who walk through our doors and help create the diverse community that has evolved since we moved into the West End two years ago.”