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Sherwood Coffee

The Parry St coffee haunt expands once more

The famous Parry St coffee haunt continues to take the Newcastle coffee world by storm with the expansion of their OG space to offer a brand-new, revamped dine-in experience for customers.

We caught up with one-half of the brains behind the brand, Danny Sprague, to hear all about the renovations on what else is happening for the local coffee brand!

sherwood coffee bar cafe parry st newcastle nsw

What was the catalyst behind this expansion?

“Space! All too often (pre covid), our little dining area was packed to the rafters. Our outdoor area is amazing on those perfect days but through the coldest winter days and the hottest summer days, we had very little comfortable space on offer. We really want people to come in and hang with us for a bit. Now, we have the space to do it!”

sherwood coffee bar cafe parry st newcastle nsw

What exactly did the renovations involve?

“We kept it as simple as possible. The main aesthetic was already in place, we just wanted to add some new elements that will tie into our refurb plans on the kitchen side of the wall and new café fit-outs moving forward. Plus, to make it a little less white!

“The large share table is the main feature. It's big enough for those large group get-togethers and also to have clusters of little brunch dates dotted along its length and curves. The trees were always a must for us to make our ‘Sherwood’ impact. The curved wall enabled us to have some storage too.”

sherwood coffee bar cafe parry st newcastle nsw

“Adrian from After Dark Design is great. Him and his team are always willing to find a way (and time) to make it work. He really gets what we are trying to achieve. To the point where we can leave a lot of the decisions to him.”

When did the space officially open up to the public?

“We had a mad rush the weekend before ‘freedom Monday,’ which is when we opened up. We do still have some additions in the works. Self-serve sparkling and still water taps, wireless tabletop phone charging/power outlets and order to table starting as the double vax only restrictions start to ease.”

sherwood coffee bar cafe parry st newcastle nsw

Do you have any other exciting plans for the future you can share with us?

“Our ‘Sherwood Bakehouse’ will be opening at our Kotara space in the coming weeks. The space we fitted out on Joslin Street was a fully functioning bakery space prior and we have revamped this behind the café wall.

“Sherwood Bakehouse will service our cafes with baked goodies, pastries, and bread and also operate as its own retail entity at the Kotara location.”

sherwood coffee bar cafe parry st newcastle nsw

In addition to this, the local business will be announcing two exciting new locations in the coming weeks which will both be opening before the end of the year.

So, if you’ve yet to get on board with the Sherwood Coffee craze, now is the time to do so! Drop into the revamped space on Parry St, call by the hole-in-the-wall drive-by space, dine-in at New Lambton, or visit the Kotara venue and see what Sherwood is all about.