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Chow down on some tasty burgers

Burgers may not necessarily be seen as culinary masterpieces, yet ask any burger connoisseur and they’ll tell you that a good tasting, well-constructed burger is not easy to find. Ben Neil and Nick Vivan, owners of Newy Burger Co., felt exactly the same and with Ben’s years of experience in the hospitality industry and Nick’s prowess in the kitchen, they've created a formidable team and a mighty fine tasting burger.

Seriously though it’s a burger, how good can they be?

Well chowing down on a ‘Susan Gilmore’ something a little extraordinary happens. Is it the complex flavours of the sauce? Or the fluffy texture of the Japanese milk bun? Or perhaps the pulled chicken and coriander slaw that merges together in a moment of burger ecstasy…. I am not sure what it was, but it was an unforgettable burger experience.

Ben and Nick set out to create a menu of burgers that not only use the best and freshest of ingredients but have made proper use of Nick’s extraordinary experience in the restaurant industry which has seen him cooking for the likes of Bill Clinton, Luciano Pavarotti, Sly Stallone and Whitney Houston to name just a few.   

Newy Burger Co

The flavours of the aioli, tomato chutney and house made BBQ sauce go way beyond anything you’ve ever tasted before and proves that the humble ol’ burger can go a little bit fancy without having a fancy price tag.

The guys have also had some fun with the drinks menu, prepare to have your mind blown with either a Golden Gaytime, Tim Tams, Salted Caramel or a Nutella.

Correct. That is a Frogger machine you see, plus plenty more of your old favourite pinnie games to keep you entertained while you wait.

Newy Burger Co