Eat & Drink


Smooth cocktails, boutique beers & tasty bites on the Honeysuckle boardwalk

Sitting down with MoneyPenny Manager Paul Davies, on a spectacular November afternoon, you can't help but be a little envious of his office.

Located in the Honeysuckle Precinct, the park bench style seating takes full advantage of the Harbour views and is perfect for enjoying a bevvy or two.

Paul is no stranger to the Honeysuckle precinct with the very successful Silo Restaurant being his first venture. With business partner Mark now at the helm, Paul is putting his energy, and more than 9 years of experience, into creating a slightly more low-key and relaxed bar experience at MoneyPenny.

Paul wanted MoneyPenny to be stripped of all the complexities that many small bars have these days, instead keeping both the food and drinks menu simple and fresh, changing each week.

Paul liked the idea of rewinding the clock to a time when you could count the number of ingredients in your cocktail glass with less than one hand. Paul said that, "a lot of cocktails these days have gotten a little intense with so many ingredients and flavours thrown into the mix."

MoneyPenny is taking a more simplistic approach. The fruit is freshly juiced and with only 3 or 4 ingredients, the clean flavours do all the talking". There is also a fine selection of wines, beers and ciders to quench your thirst if cocktails aren't your thing.

The same approach is taken to the food with a mixed menu of classic pizzas, gyoza dumplings, buffalo wings, spicy meatballs, arancini, the list goes on.. Paul says that "you can get all sorts of madness on pizzas these days, we prefer to keep it simple and offer the good old pepperoni & margarita varieties". The food, like the drinks, is always evolving and despite the simplistic approach a whole load of preparation time is needed to get the flavours just right each week. As we speak, gin soaked nectarines are being prepped for tonight.

MoneyPenny is perfect for either catching up with friends or that intimate date night venue with the dimly lit restaurant space lending nicely to quiet conversations. Whichever the occasion it's one to keep in mind.