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Mouth-watering gelato on Darby Street

You’ll hear it before you see it. The music is pumping, the flavours are bursting and the gelato is mouth-watering!

Monella looks more like a nightclub on first glance with the music turned right up and luminous pink neon lights, but who could look past that cabinet of sorbets and gelato. The vibrant colours of the sorbet catch my eye from the sharp raspberry, classic lemon and the bittersweet cherry. Then there’s the gelato!

It’s all natural, all made from scratch on site and all super fresh and most of their flavours are gluten free and the sorbets are all vegan.

Why not get your freak on? With their range of revolving experimental flavours. This ever changing range of gelato is only limited by imagination, if there’s a flavour you want to make happen then let the guys know.

Monella is an angel who has fallen back to earth and she does things her way! She’s breaking all the gelato rules and coming up with delicious consequences.