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New Lambton lands itself a gelato joint with gluten, dairy, and vegan options

Earlier this year a little haven of happiness arrived on Regent Street, in the heart of New Lambton – Melt Gelato.

melt gelato new lambton newcastle nsw

Situated directly across the road from the public school, Melt Gelato is the brainchild of two friends, Bree and Bianca, whose passion for dessert and a strong sense of community have come together to create a gelato sensation.

melt gelato new lambton newcastle nsw
Owners – Bree Mills & Bianca Tribe

Like so many small business stories go, their journey began over many a wine, amidst camping adventures.

“A few vinos in and it’s where the idea came from. Our stories are really similar, and we both have two children. We joked about it over a couple of bottles of vino one night and then a moment just kind of presented itself and we’ve just gone for it,” Bree said.

melt gelato new lambton newcastle nsw

With a mutual love for their New Lambton community and a shared desire to fill a gap in the area’s gelato offering, the duo embarked on this new business venture with the official opening kicking off on January 28, 2024.

“We knew that if we didn’t do it, someone else would. New Lambton absolutely needed this. Every second person that comes through says, New Lambton has been waiting for this!

“The people in New Lambton love to support local. It is such a community hub here. It’s a beautiful little area and we knew that this location was the right fit for what we wanted to do.”

melt gelato new lambton newcastle nsw

From the moment you step into Melt Gelato, you’re greeted with warmth from the friendly (and locally based) staff and an aroma of the most divine gelato flavours. Choose from a great selection of flavours including classics like rainbow and cookies and cream to innovative creations like Snickerone – a blend of Snickers and Toblerone.

melt gelato new lambton newcastle nsw

“Gelato is just one of those things that just makes everyone happy. You can’t feel sad after eating gelato!”

Both self-confessed dessert and gelato lovers, the pair have dug deep into the gelato world finding a supplier that offered both quality gelato and matched their community spirit.

“We work with a small Italian family in Adelaide. They don’t mass produce and are very selective on who they work with. All of the ingredients are Australian-made and we have 30 different flavours we can rotate, with 18 always available in the shop.”

But Melt Gelato is so much more than just a gelato shop; it’s a place where childhood (and adulthood) memories are made and community bonds are strengthened.

melt gelato new lambton newcastle nsw

“We also offer gelato or sorbet spiders, waffles, sundaes, loaded brownies, and local art by Joey Davis. The little ones and the adults are loving the spiders! We are absolutely tapping into our childhoods with this business,” Bianca said.

melt gelato new lambton newcastle nsw

The flavours aren’t the only thing worth talking about, the menu also boasts a selection of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan gelato and sorbet options.

Only a few months into business and Melt Gelato has already become a beloved fixture in the New Lambton community.

“It’s been amazing and so much better than we ever expected. We’re just really focussed on creating a good reputation for good gelato,” Bree said.

The joy is infectious, the flavours are divine, and the sense of community is palpable. Head on over to Melt Gelato in New Lambton and let your taste buds experience a little slice of gelato heaven.

Melt Gelato

89 Regent Street, New Lambton, NSW, 2305

Today - 1200 – 2000