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Go around the globe along this food strip

Gourmet pizza, Peking duck, schnitzel wraps, fresh seafood, sushi rolls, butter chicken… I am getting hungry just writing this!

The convenience of having so many tasty options in the one spot is always a highlight when venturing to the shops.

But sitting inside a shopping centre is never that appealing, let’s be honest. But what if all these delicious options (plus more) were at a shopping centre, in a food court, outside?

What if they were at Jesmond? Yes, that’s right. Not exactly your go-to place for lunch, but the outdoor food strip is super impressive. With 8 different food cuisines to choose from and plenty of seating under cover, the Stockland Jesmond food court is well worth it.

Plus it is super close to the Uni so students can make a quick trip there between lectures. You can expect to find Crust Pizza, Harry’s Schnitzel, Costi’s Famous Fish Co, Savour Japan, Oceanic Chinese, and My BBQ.