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Franky's Lanzhou Noodles

One of Carrington’s favourite eateries is set to close this March

Carrington, or Carrodise as it’s more affectionately known, is set to lose one of its most loved dining and entertainment venues, with Franky’s Noodles & Dumplings announcing its final supper on Saturday, March 30.

Carrington and Newcastle as a whole has embraced what Franky’s has to offer for the past five years, and to hear of its closing, has already left a huge hole in the hearts (and bellies) of us all.

We caught up with owner Matt McFarlane to take a walk down memory lane, hear what’s next for this singing soul, and find out what’s to come for the iconic spot on Carrington’s Young Street.   

frankys noodles and dumplings final supper carrington newcastle nsw
Matt McFarlane

Originally operating as a pop-up on Beaumont Street in 2018, owners Matt and the late Hua Fan (Franky) quickly built a reputation for authentic Chinese eats. Before long, the dynamic duo were moving to Carrington in the former Antojitos space and continued to grow in popularity.

For those who visited in the early days, you’ll have fond memories of Franky himself crafting the noodles in the kitchen window. The hand-pulled process was an art form and mesmerising to watch –crowds would often gather at the front to watch Franky throw, twist, pull, and cut his noodles with absolute precision.

frankys noodles and dumplings final supper carrington newcastle nsw
The late Hua Fan (Franky)

The news of Franky’s sudden passing in August 2021 saw not only the tight-knit Carrington community but well beyond, share a deep sadness.

“Franky’s family wanted me to keep the restaurant open, so I did, and I’m really glad that I did.

“Last October, I finally got to go to China with one of Franky’s mates and took his ashes back to his family. I met everyone and I’m really happy that I got to do that,” Matt said.

Late last year, more than three years since the passing of Franky, Matt decided it was time to call it a day on the restaurant – but he’s hoping this isn’t the end for Franky’s all together.

frankys noodles and dumplings final supper carrington newcastle nsw

“Five years is a long time, but I’d love for it to go on forever. I’m hoping someone can keep it going without me, but I will be pulling out at the end of March.”

Putting the news out into the world via Instagram in early February, there has been a real outpouring of love from loyal Franky’s Noodles & Dumplings fans, with some sweet memories being shared.

frankys noodles and dumplings final supper carrington newcastle nsw

“There’s been a few people that have fallen in love at Franky’s. There has been a lot of successful first dates, and we’ve had five weddings over the years.

“I love all of the first gig stories. We’d have over 20 kids where this was the first place they’ve ever played – I love that. By the time we finish, we will have done over 1,000 free gigs.”

In just five years, Matt has become quite a prominent figure in the Carrodise community and one that will be sorely missed.

“I don’t want to leave Carrington. I love Carrington. They call it Carrodise for a reason. It’s a little country town inside a big country town. You don’t drive through Carrington; you’ve got to choose to come here. It’s a destination in itself. The big wide street, the little post office where they know everyone’s name, and a couple of great old-school pubs. It’s beautiful.”

Whilst you might not see Matt serving up dumplings and then jumping on the mic anytime after March 30, he assures us that if the place is still operating without him, there’s still a chance he’ll pop in for a celebrity appearance.

“I’d love to just turn up sometimes and get on the mic. Just be that guy. I would love that – that would make me so happy. You might just never know when I’ll turn up.”

Whilst the future for Franky’s Noodles & Dumplings is still up in the air, Matt already has plans for himself – continuing on with his singing duties, he’ll be available as the Singing Celebrant as well as offering wedding music alongside his jazz band, Breeze – available as a three to nine-piece group.

So, what can you expect up until the end of March?

“We’re going to continue doing what we’ve been doing the whole time up until that last day.”

frankys noodles and dumplings final supper carrington newcastle nsw

Whether it’s set to continue or shuts its doors for good – there’s no disputing that following March 30 2024,87 Young Street Carrington will never be the same. So, get in at least one more time and experience this absolute cracker of a venue and bid farewell to Matt and the OG Franky’s team.

Franky's Lanzhou Noodles

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