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A pub crawl with class

We love a night out, but half the battle is wrangling our group of friends, organising a date, and agreeing on where we are going to go.

What if we told you there's a wonderful lady in Maitland who can organise it all for you? Sounds pretty good!

Enter Lisa Fraser from Umbrella Events. Lisa is making all our nights out just that little bit easier with her bespoke tour, A Moving Feast.

a moving feast maitland hunter valley

A Moving Feast is a small group walking tour that takes you and your friends on a journey to some of the best places in Central Maitland to enjoy a feast.

The beauty with this arrangement is you book your date with Umbrella Events, you receive an email confirming the details, then you just rock up on said date. No calling around to multiple venues trying to secure a seat, no deciding what food to order, no trying to remember (after a few drinks) what time you have to be at the next place – Lisa takes care of all of that for you.

Here's what you can expect at A Moving Feast.

Entree: The Pourhouse

One of Maitland's most iconic pubs, The Pourhouse is much-loved in Maitland for its buzzing atmosphere, quality food, live music, and excellent booze.

The Pourhouse is your first stop on A Moving Feast. Here, you'll enjoy your entree and a local wine or beer of choice to kick things off. With about 45 minutes spent at each venue, there's plenty of time to relax and take in all the place has to offer. 

The Pourhouse may be a pub, but its menu is certainly elevated – in the shares section, you can expect dishes with native Australian ingredients, like lemon myrtle and Tasmanian pepperberry. So, the entree here is sure to delight!

a moving feast maitland hunter valley

Banquet: CJs on The Levee

Your next stop is CJs on The Levee for a tapas and paella banquet. On the way there, Lisa shares snippets of Maitland's history and intriguing things you might otherwise have missed.

Hopefully you're ready for a feast, because that's what you're about to get at CJs on The Levee. The waterfront venue takes in views of the Hunter River, so you can sit back and enjoy while you tuck into some tasty Spanish food and sip on a drink of your choice.

a moving feast maitland hunter valley

Expect dishes like patatas bravas, garlic prawns, lamb meatballs with sofrito and manchego, Spanish tortilla, and paella. 

Dessert: Acacia Dining

Once you've had time to digest your Spanish feast, it's time for dessert at the new kids on the block, Acacia Dining

Led by former Masterchef contestant and Cakeboi owner Reece Hignell and celebrated local chef Tori Tokpah, Acacia Dining offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the stunning Riverlink Building right on the Hunter River.

With Reece at the helm, enjoying dessert at Acacia Dining makes total sense. Take in the ambiance while you savour your final course of the night.

a moving feast maitland hunter valley

For $125pp, you really get to live in the moment on A Moving Feast as Lisa takes care of everything. Included is all your food, drinks, and the lovely Lisa as your guide.

Lisa also offers two other tours as part of Umbrella Events – A Taste of Morpeth and A Taste of Maitland.

A Taste of Morpeth is a daytime walking tour that takes you on a leisurely stroll through the historic town of Morpeth. Not only will you learn about the history and quirks of Morpeth, but you'll get to enjoy a wine tasting and tapas lunch at Boydell's.

A Taste of Maitland is a private daytime walking tour that takes you through the streets of Maitland to uncover the city's history, art and culture, and coffee scene.

Want to discover all the culinary goodness that Maitland and Morpeth have to offer? Time to gather your crew and book one of Umbrella Events' unique walking tours.

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