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Explore this idyllic trail of award-winning sips in picture perfect locations.

With the Central Coast leading the way with some of the states most awarded beers, fruit wines, gelato & gin it was only a matter of time before someone thought to create a link between them all and send you down the garden path to explore all their flavours.  

Scenic Sips is the creation of Firescreek Winery, Six String Brewery, Bar Botanica & Distillery Botanica and when you visit this little pocket of the Central Coast you realise quickly that you could happily lose hours at any of these sipper stops. So, we suggest organising a group or partner in crime, hey you could even do it solo – just go and enjoy this unique scenic trail of the Central Coast!  

Starting at Firescreek Winery

This award-winning winery is a treasure of a find on the Central Coast, set over 2.5 acres of lush gardens with an idyllic creek, and framed with rainforest. You find yourself stretching your neck to find another corner of the property to discover, and there is plenty to find. Make sure you book an experience, and with four to choose from you have a great excuse to revisit - Meet the Wine Maker, Chocolate and Wine Pairing, Bush tucker & Wine Tasting, or Foraging and Mixology. Before you get too relaxed here (easy to do) at your own pace head off to the next stop.

Firescreek to Six String Brewery

The distance between the sipper stops is 3.4km, you should organise a taxi, uber or have a designated driver to move between sipper stops.

As you arrive at Six String Brewery in Erina Heights, don’t be mistaken, you’re not in the wrong place. When you are standing in a non-descript carpark look for the large vacant wall with an oversized guitar pick above the door - you have arrived at Six String Brewing! Known across the country for their craft beers you must try a paddle and sample all 6 in the core range and maybe one of their monthly limited edition brews too. 

six string craft beer brewery central coast

There is a little beer on tap called the Coastie Lager which is a nod to the moniker of Central Coast residents, this easy-drinking beer should get its own schooner to show your appreciation.   Feeling peckish? Wednesday to Sunday from 12noon you will find Black Bear BBQ in residence who has some succulent slow-cooked meat options. The menu has everything from twice-cooked brisket, burgers, and sticky ribs to keep you satisfied.

Six String Brewery to Distillery Botanica

The last section is a 1.2km meander to the last destinations on the trail.  When you turn onto Portsmouth Rd. you may be wondering am I still on the Central Coast?  Tucked away in Erina Valley, amidst grand properties, bellowing trees, and horse stables is a secret garden (well, not so secret anymore…but you get the drift).

Tours are coming soon, however its tranquil surroundings make it delightful to stroll through solo. Make sure you keep an eye out for the fairy doors scattered around and you smell the plants and appreciate the garden.  It is also a fantastic location to sample some for the award winning Distillery Botanica offerings.  From the Moores Gin to the Lemon Myrtle liqueur, this is a must visit on the trail. 

Distillery Botanica & Mr Goaty Gelato

Heading to the mud-brick house you have Bar Botanica & Mr. Goaty Gelato. If you don’t know where to begin – just choose one of everything.  They also make stunning cocktails here using Moores Gin, of course! Take a seat in the garden and enjoy a ploughman’s plate with a G&T, then head back inside and buy yourself a pint of Mr.Goaty Gelato for the journey home too!  

Scenic Sips is a glimpse into what some of the best the Central Coast has to offer, these local artisans have created a niche that is easy to explore and even more delicious to enjoy!  Saturday afternoon plans sorted anyone?