Wander the towns that time forgot

With us all spending more time at home and being limited to where and when we can travel, more and more of us are looking to expand our travels to somewhere closer to home; NSW.

explore carcoar millthorpe central west nsw

Ever heard of Carcoar? What about Millthorpe? Well, you’re certainly not alone – it wasn’t until the team here at HUNTERhunter were searching for a little country town to go explore that we came across the town that time forgot, Carcoar and its nearby neighbour, Millthorpe.

explore carcoar millthorpe central west nsw

Just under a five-hour drive from the centre of Newcastle, there’s plenty of good stop-off points to check out on your way to the central west; the Blue Mountains and Bathurst amongst our picks!


The quaint almost-forgotten town of Carcoar is almost straight out of a film set and should be on all Aussies’ to-visit bucket lists. Surrounded by rolling green hills and some of the region’s best retail and foodie experiences.

explore carcoar millthorpe central west nsw


First settled in 1821 and established in 1839, Carcoar is the third-oldest settlement west of the Blue Mountains. With well-preserved historic buildings on every corner including St Paul’s Anglican Church built in 1948, the century old courthouse and the 1849 convict-built stables of Stoke House just to name a few.The picture-perfect village was also a common spot for bushrangers, the notorious Ben Hall gang amongst them.

explore carcoar millthorpe central west nsw

Take a stroll

You could spend hours on end wandering around the small village of Carcoar, getting lost in the history of the streets, sitting by the Belubula river, or appreciating the stunning country cottages on every corner.

explore carcoar millthorpe central west nsw

Whilst in town, you’ve got to drop by the local park. Why? Well, you might all be familiar with the name Kurt Fearnley, but one thing you might not have known was where the world champion athlete was from. Born in Cowra in 1981, Kurt grew up in the nearby town of Carcoar. In 2007, the proud residents of Carcoar named their local park after him; thus, Kurt Fearnley Park. 

Wander through a movie set 

Carcoar streets and buildings such as the town’s Capitol Theatre, that is in fact not a theatre at all but an actual film location have been used as a backdrop for Australian movies including Jessica, Backtrack, Brides of Christ, Let the Balloon Go, Country Life and Peter Allen: Not the boy next door.

explore carcoar millthorpe central west nsw

Pick up a unique vintage find

At the town’s retro vintage store, the Rustic Flamingo. Homewares, clothing, accessories; just about anything can be found inside the Rustic Flamingo. 

Explore the unofficial museum Capital of Australia

That’s right, Carcoar could be called the unofficial museum capital of Australia with five separate museums all within the small village. Stop in at one of the earliest colonial hospital buildings in Australia; the Carcoar Hospital Museum or the 1882 built Court House Museum. Visit the Military Museum inside the School of Arts building the 20th Century Toy Museum, or one of the oldest buildings in Carcoar built by convicts; the Stoke Stable Museum.


Just a short 20-minute drive from Carcoar, you’ll find yourself situated in the picturesque heritage listed town of Millthorpe. The historic village set amidst rolling hills is home to a number of old buildings as well as cobbled walkways, art galleries, retail shops, museums, hotels, and eateries.   

explore carcoar millthorpe central west nsw

Give in to your sweet tooth

Sweet tooths can pick up some local goodies from the storefront of Millthorpe Chocolates at the Railway Station. Made right in the heart of Millthorpe, our biggest suggestions would be the hand-made ice creams made from fresh fruit, Belgian chocolate, and other fresh ingredients of the decadent hot chocolate.

Browse for a new art piece 

Whilst Carcoar could be called the unofficial museum capital of Australia, Millthorpe could be named the unofficial art gallery capital of Australia with two art galleries in its small radius. Rosebank Guesthouse and Art Gallery sits on the corner of Victoria and Park streets is home to both accommodation and a dedicated art gallery exhibiting artworks by both regional and internationally recognised artists.

explore carcoar millthorpe central west nsw

Just up the street is May Raechelle Art Gallery, one for the whole family to check out. With pieces from far and wide, there’s plenty of character and colour to be found inside.

Fill up on your garden needs

Located 15 acres east of Millthorpe, make sure to swing by Millthorpe Garden Nursery and pick up some local plants or just enjoy a break and wander the local nursery. 

Explore for some antique goods

Explore The Bower Millthorpe’s collection of antiques and time-honoured objects and take a little piece of Millthorpe home with you.

explore carcoar millthorpe central west nsw

Step back in time 

explore carcoar millthorpe central west nsw

Go back to where it all began for Millthorpe at the Golden Memories Museum. The large complex has eight main buildings each with a little piece of history of Millthorpe. From the Good Templars Hall to the Blacksmith Shop there’s so much to learn about this historic village.