Wine In A Can

Produced by Newy locals, Fourth Wave Wines

Disclosure: I am certainly no wine expert: red, white, bubbles, I'm not usually bothered, and a $5 bottle is always a win.

Wine is often referred to as "an acquired taste". It was a taste I forced myself to become acquired to when I was younger. Damn it I wanted to be all adult and classy and drink sophisticated wine from a glass like a lady. Forget that goon crap.

Now I love having a glass of wine at night while cooking dinner, or a few too many with friends.

But what if you only want one or two glasses of wine and not the entire bottle?

What if you are travelling a distance and the probability of the wine bottle breaking is high?

What if the wine bottle just isn't making the cut for your Instagram story?

Enter wine in a can.

I gathered a group of friends to give this weird concept a go and to get their thoughts. With a hesitant look they all took their first sip…" hmmm surprisingly nice" was the consensus. Ok, so I was going to have to get more out of them than that!

Based in Kotara, Fourth Wave Wines are the producers behind these seven varieties of wine in a can. They are a family-owned business…that launched in 2009, and make wine in six different countries that are distributed globally.

With our current fast-paced lifestyle, the popularity of a more casual dining experience, and a demand for quality over quantity the concept for the wine in the can was a no-brainer.

But don't be deceived by this small compact can, it is 250ml and equivalent to 2.7 standard drinks!

And while it is advised to pour the wine into a glass the special Vinsafe Patented liner ensures the wine has no contact with the can - indeed the can is a perfectly inert environment perfect for storing wine and serving it just as intended.

So, would I buy wine in a can again? I sure would, and seriously, look how cool they look, there is nothing unclassy about it in my opinion!

Cheers to Scotties for the awesome backdrop!

To find out where you can get your hands on one of these cans click here

Wine In A Can