Homegrown Markets

Eco friendly and all handmade in Newcastle

We wanted to do things a little differently and take a more eco-focused approach to each aspect of the markets.

A new eco-focused, handmade market has popped up at The Station, called Homegrown, that you really need to take a visit to.

The monthly event, held on the third Saturday of each month, brings a carefully curated lineup of stall holders to the old Newcastle Train station site.

More than 50 stall holders set up shop at the launch market in June and with July's market just around the corner, you can expect an equally interesting collection of items from Newcastle based creatives and foodies.

Chatting with market founders Lauren and Lewis (L&L), Lauren explained that whilst this is another market, it's not really like any other market, reason being,

'We love the Newcastle Train Station site so we really wanted to bring something to that space and we thought a market was an ideal event, but we wanted to do things a little differently and take a more eco-focus. Not just in how people interact with the venue and stall holders but the stall holders themselves.'

So what does this all mean? We've broken it down a little.


There's a coffee mug library set up by the coffee van, 'no keep cup, no problem' .. that provides loads of second-hand mugs so you can avoid using disposable cups. Simply put in the mug bath when finished. L & L plan to expand on this working with the food stalls to provide plates and cutlery to cut down on single-use food packaging.


A 3 Bin system has been created.
Step 1 - is it food waste? green bin!
Step 2 - can it be recycled? yellow bin!
Anything else? Red bin...
The green bins are provided by feedback organic who are about to start an urban farm at the station! So any food waste from our event will go directly to the farm to start growing new food! 


They are either handmade and/or eco-focused. This means all stalls must prioritise sustainability but don't have to be handmade (although most are) .. there are lots of stalls that make living greener easier, think beeswax wraps, nonpaper towel, stainless steel straws, bamboo keep cups, etc! There will also be a resident plant stall at each market.


We've banned single-use plastic packaging.. stall holders are asked to use alternatives to plastic when available. Paper bags etc. Stallholders have also been asked to offer refills as an alternative to lower waste.

In addition to all the eco, there will be workshops collaborating with The Station's resident stores along with the stall holders.

The kids will also be entertained with eco-focused workshops for kids to become little eco-warriors in a fun way! On hand will be a kids chill out section with eco-themed colouring in & other fun creative activities!

Homegrown Markets

Corner Scott St, Watt St, Newcastle, NSW, 2300