MOA Coffee Co

Changing lives, one coffee at a time

Photography courtesy of Myf Garven

Coffee isn’t what it used to be – nowadays, the options of what to drink, how to drink it, and even when to drink it are absolutely endless! One local business is taking the humble coffee bean back to its roots and simplifying our coffee habits all whilst giving back.

Meet, MOA Coffee Co.

moa coffee co coffee subscription newcastle nsw

This local coffee subscription and social enterprise are all about ‘changing lives, one coffee at a time.’ Did someone say changing lives? By drinking coffee? That’s exactly what owners Lyndell and Darren Fogarty are doing at MOA Coffee Co.

“Really simply, buying our products contributes to changing the lives of youth in Australia and now, New Zealand. 50% of our profits go to funding more LifeChanger Foundation Programs, an organisation whose footprint will be in the Hunter in 2022 with plans to support thousands of our local kids,” Lyndell shared.

Launching on the most suitable of days, the 1st of October 2021, also known as International Coffee Day, this local business came to life after the duo wanted to marry all of the important stuff in their lives; their daughters, lifestyle, adventurous souls, love of coffee, and a burning desire to create sustainable change.

moa coffee co coffee subscription newcastle nsw

“From the way our coffee beans are sourced, roasted, and packaged, to our messaging, partnerships, and broader corporate collaborations, we challenge how our everyday coffee consumption can make a real difference.

“Coffee is the liquid of connection. There is nothing more grounding, inspiring, and invigorating than that first cup of coffee. Change is brewing and our online coffee subscription is ready to help you be part of it.”

The family business is reflected in the name, MOA, a mashup of Lyndell and Darren’s three daughters: Maddison, Olivia, and Alexandra. The girls have been a part of the whole process and have learnt, explored, and contributed to the vision of MOA.

moa coffee co coffee subscription newcastle nsw

“This is a family business with each of the girls involved. They have grown up seeing me build businesses, that’s all they have known. What I love is that they have no fear about creating, about choosing their lane and they are so passionate about making a difference.”

Partnering with the ever-so-talented team behind Sprocket Roasters, MOA Coffee Co. has created three unique blends; Hey Beautiful, Little Wonder, and Wild Child, all of which can be supplied in whole bean, or ground to your brewing method. Whether it’s Aeropress, plunger, espresso, cold brew, stovetop, or filter, MOA Coffee Co. will sort you out.

moa coffee co coffee subscription newcastle nsw

Hey Beautiful features smooth notes of nut and fruit profiles with a delightful, sweet fig finish. Little Wonder has earthy, rich, dark chocolate, and nut tones, whilst Wild Child is exactly what the name suggests - wild with notes of cherry and spice!

Shoppers can browse from their core range and complete one-off purchases, or even better, to make sure you’re always well-caffeinated, sign up for their subscription options by choosing from weekly, fortnightly, or even a monthly delivery!

moa coffee co coffee subscription newcastle nsw

In addition to their core coffee offering, the MOA Coffee Co. team will always be adding to their range and have already added new products including organic chai, organic hot chocolate powder, MOA Coffee Co. themed ceramics, and even gift packs!

“Our first range of gift packs have combined the work of local artisan, Myf Garven, with a unique range of beautiful pottery mugs with our coffee or chai. The gift packs allow people to modify according to whom they are buying for.”

With no plans on slowing down, 2022 is already shaping up to be a big one for this local family business. With activations and collaborations already booked in, we’re excited to see what MOA Coffee Co. gets up to.

“Our vision is for MOA Coffee Co. to be instrumental in contributing to LifeChangers reach both here in Australia and also New Zealand. How wonderful to think that we can enjoy the good things in life and make a difference at the same time.”

moa coffee co coffee subscription newcastle nsw

So, if you love drinking coffee and want to make a positive difference at the same time, head to MOA Coffee Co. and give their coffee a crack!

MOA Coffee Co