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Co-founders Katrina Van De Ven & Catherine Olivier wear Embody Women

The online fashion world is one hell of a rollercoaster to try and navigate. For some, shopping online is as easy as searching, browsing, and buying, but for many, trusting individual brands’ sizing guidelines is as tricky as solving the Rubix cube!

Newly launched online retailer, LeukBook, is here to change the shopping experience for the 14+ market giving shoppers an iconic one-stop-shop for all things fashion.

The product of two fashion-forward co-founders, Katrina Van De Ven and Catherine Olivier, LeukBook launched in the Australian market earlier this year in February with the previous 14 months having the women put every little piece together to bring this fashion revolution to life.

leukbook plus fashion online retailer newcastle nsw
Co-Founders - Katrina Van De Ven & Catherine Olivier

We caught up with the ladies whilst they were in Newcastle a few weeks back to learn more about how the brand came to be and the duo’s big plans to help change the Australian fashion industry for the better.

“I was scrolling through Instagram when it occurred to me that I was following hundreds of fashion accounts. While I love fashion, the realisation gave me cause to think; how would I, as a plus-size woman, shop for clothes if I didn’t love engaging with fashion content. The reality is the majority of the designers catering to the 14+ market are small companies.

“They are not going to come up on a Google search and are not represented on major marketplaces. Therefore, the only way to find them is via social media. This led to the realisation that the status quo represented a tax on the time and energy of size 14+ women and ignited the flame to create a better option.”

leukbook plus fashion online retailer newcastle nsw

Whilst purely an online platform, the brand has roots right here in Newcastle. With Catherine being a long-term Newcastle resident prior to moving to Sydney, and LeukBook’s Social Media Manager, Sophie Lewis, a proud Novocastrian.

The one-stop fashion destination caters to the 66% of Australian women who wear a size 14 or above, who all too often feel ‘left out’ of fashion.

leukbook plus fashion online retailer newcastle nsw

“We achieve this by bringing together the best size 14+ brands, with a focus on ensuring that all aesthetics and style preferences are catered for. Much mainstream plus fashion is ‘hyper feminine’ – think frills and florals, but we know our market has far more diverse tastes.”

The ever-growing list of Australian brands who are committed to creating stunning fits and designs for the size 14+ market means LeukBook has your wardrobe needs covered - from swimwear and activewear to casual, dress, and evening wear.

leukbook plus fashion online retailer newcastle nsw

Moving into the new financial year, the LeukBook team are launching their fit technology. Having worked closely with their designers to provide additional measurements for garments including things such as thigh circumference for pants and arm circumference for shirts and jackets.

“This has been a priority for us since we started speaking with customers in early 2021. We know that fit is a major concern for online shopping in general, but this concern is even more pronounced in the 14+ market.”

leukbook plus fashion online retailer newcastle nsw

The LeukBook offering is based on three core principles; Fashion, Fit, and Family. Fashion; by bringing together the best plus fashion designers from across Australia including a focus on small and emerging designers. Fit; the launch of their fit technology and ‘fit guarantee’ offering free and fast refunds if the fit isn’t right. And lastly, family; creating a dynamic, online community forum for size 14+ women.

leukbook plus fashion online retailer newcastle nsw

“The reality is that size 14+ fashion is not a niche, but rather the mainstream. In Australia alone, size 14+ women are spending $6Bn each year on clothes – we should feel amazing in what we spend our hard-earned money on.”

LeukBook is on a mission to revolutionise the 14+ fashion world by making it unapologetically aspirational, completely attainable, and easily accessible for all. Browse the ever-growing collection of designers and products available online here at LeukBook.