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Binnie Beef Warehouse

A Wagyu Tasting Station & Retail outlet is coming to Newcastle's West End.

For Parry Street regulars you'll be fully across its well-established eats, drinks and creative scene, and now, one of the street's quiet achievers is opening their doors, bringing a completely unique flavour and experience to the Parry Street mix.

Since 2018 Binnie Beef Group has been operating out of the Parry Street Office Hub, and in a matter of weeks owners Liz and Steve Binnie will be opening up the lower level area of the building as the aptly named Binnie Beef Warehouse, which is set to become a destination for chefs, butchers, foodies and anyone wanting to taste and purchase some of Australia’s best Wagyu beef at wholesale prices.

binnie beef warehouse newcastle

Chatting with Liz and Steve onsite it's immediately obvious their passion for the beef industry runs deep, and whilst the Binnie name in the farming world dates back to the 1800’s, it's been Liz and Steve’s reimagining of the still family run business that has brought it into the 21st century.

So why the decision to set up a retail outlet in Newcastle? Liz explained,

"We want people to be able to taste for themselves just how good our Binnie Beef is, which they’ll be able to do via the Tasting Station that we're currently setting up. Customers will have the opportunity to try the product and ask questions on how to prep, cook, and store Wagyu for longevity at home."

“Wagyu can be a little intimidating to first-timers, but it shouldn’t be, anyone can cook it, and once you try Wagyu you won’t want to eat any other meat.

“Especially our Binnie Beef Wagyu which has a tenderness quality about it that other meats just don’t have, and such a beautiful flavour. There are also loads of health benefits that come with eating Wagyu as well, which people aren't aware of, that high-quality marbled fat is actually very good for you and has more Essential Fatty Acids, such as Omega 3 & 6, than any other beef.”

Living between Newcastle and Mirannie Station, Liz and Steve’s property is as local as you can possibly get providing no truer example of the farm-to-fork concept, of which Liz and Steve are incredibly passionate about.

"Steve and I are heavily vested in research as we wanted to produce the world’s healthiest beef, and now through the Binnie Beef Warehouse we get to share our product and knowledge so as to help educate people about the benefits of buying quality, locally sourced meat."

Following years of research and procurement of the world’s most elite marbling genetics, in 2004 Liz and Steve’s Mirannie Station cattle property, located just outside of Singleton, transitioned from a purely Hereford stud to focusing only on Wagyu cattle. A long list of awards followed and with some of the best restaurants in the world serving their Wagyu product, and the duo have never looked back.

binnie beef warehouse newcastle

“Prior to March this year Binnie Beef was predominately exported to the Chinese market, who loved our Wagyu meat, but with those doors shutting we needed to look at alternatives. So setting up an outlet that sold direct to the Australian retail and wholesale market made sense, it's also turned out to be a much more rewarding experience, seeing your product in the hands of chefs, butchers and at-home cooks who are as equally passionate about our product as what we are, is just wonderful to see.”

If you can’t wait for the opening date Liz and Steve are more than happy for walk-ins to drop in, browse the products and have a chat or you can visit the Binnie Beef Online store to check out the full range of Wagyu packages.

binnie beef warehouse newcastle

Binnie Beef Warehouse

144 Parry Street Newcastle NSW 2302

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