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Valkyrie Functional Training

Newcastle’s first DOG-FRIENDLY gym

We formed Valkyrie in early 2017 as a declaration that we weren’t going to conform to the typical gym culture anymore. The people here are real and the community we’ve created here is the best thing about this place.

Can you believe it? Newcastle has its very own DOG-FRIENDLY gym! I repeat…DOG-FRIENDLY. This has got to be the best thing since sliced bread. Who’s with me?

Apart from being dog-friendly, Valkyrie is all about their kettlebells, their Valkyrie family, and their overall community vibe.

Owner and self-pronounced expert at terrible dad jokes, Hugo Cranswick, has been in the industry for as long as he can remember.

What is Valkyrie about?

Every trainer or gym owner will tell you how incredible their training methods are and we’re no different. Kettlebells and Functional Movement are our specialties, and everyone knows that. What they probably don’t know is that beyond all the exciting Kettlebell tricks, we’re just everyday people; with ups, downs and a whole bunch of messy flaws; just like our members.

What separates Valkyrie from the rest is its people. Nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing these underdogs grind it day in day out. I love what Valkyrie represents and it makes us, and our members work that much harder!

We help our members feel strong and feel confident again (sometimes for the first time in a long while). Single mum? No sweat, we got you. Shift worker that never sleeps? Don’t worry, we’re here for you too. Carrying a bit of a dad bod around the house? We can tighten that up a lil bit. We’re not ‘know it all trending motivational Instagram gurus’ or the next Michelle Bridges. We’re just normal people that give a shit about other normal people.

Why Mayfield?

Mayfield has such a rich, diverse and accepting community of its own and [the] people around here are super passionate about their roots. They just genuinely care about the place and what others think.

I spent a lot of time here in my earlier years and it’s become a second home to me. Plus, you get to see a cute doggy at least once a day!

Why did you decide to be dog-friendly?

We don’t just love OUR dogs, we love ALL dogs. Nothing [is] better than training with your best mate right there beside you for a bit of encouragement, right? It makes is all worthwhile.

We get that regular people can be a little time poor. You might have time to either take the dog for a walk OR go to the gym. We’re trying to instill a culture where you can walk the pup here, let them run around in the playpen out the back with some little furry mates while you squeeze in a workout; then you both walk home happy as Larry! Two birds, one stone.