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The Pilates Space

Premier boutique pilates studio

When you come out of a Pilates class, you just feel better and you feel like you’ve had a good workout.

Newcastle’s latest addition to the fitness world is here, and don’t let those machines put you off. The Pilates Space offers a one-of-a-kind workout that is sure to work all of those muscles, even the ones you didn’t know you had!

Talia Hayman, originally from Port Stephens, started the Pilates Space up just over 6 months ago after what has been quite the fitness career. Starting off in personal training, Talia always wanted to build her own fitness studio, but it was following a bike accident that left her with some injuries that she needed to switch up her exercise regime.

Talia meet Pilates, Pilates meet Talia.

Three years later and she says she’s never looked back.

So, what exactly is Pilates?

“It’s a full body workout and it’s the most amazing workout that your body can do. It lengthens the body whilst strengthening the body. You’re going to increase strength; not only in the muscles but the ligaments and tendons. When the muscles are flexible, we get that full range of motion”

Noticing that Newcastle was really missing boutique Pilates studios, opening on Hunter Street was a no-brainer,

“I really wanted it to be right in the hub of Newcastle. I love that vibe of people coming in, going to cafes, getting a coffee, going for a walk to the beach afterward”

The studio currently has three different instructors; Talia, Renee & Julie. With all different backgrounds in the fitness industry, each class has its own distinct style.

“We say that we have a class for every style, mood and fitness level. So, we do break our classes into different fitness levels… we have people as young as 18 and as old as 65. So, it’s a very broad range”

Pilates is good for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness abilities; and you won’t walk out feeling or looking like you’ve just run a marathon. Even if you’re pregnant, have an injury or just wanting to change things up a bit, The Pilates Space offers a range of classes to suit your personal needs.

“It’s so different from a gym session where you’re just really exhausted, and you can’t move. Whereas when you come out of a Pilates class, you just feel better and you feel like you’ve had a good workout” 

“It produces amazing results. We’ve had people say to us how quickly their body is changing and is responding to it without having to go for a 10km run or to punish themselves at the gym”

Hoping to open up a second space somewhere in the Lake Macquarie area, Talia and her team of Pilates instructors, are super passionate about continuing to bring amazing, diverse and informative Pilates classes to the people of Newcastle and beyond.

The Pilates Space

95 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

Today - 600 - 2000