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The Herb Bar now offering FREE 15-minute consultations (on the phone or in clinic)

The winter blues are well and truly here and so too are those niggling coughs, colds, and sniffles that come with the cooler months.

Hamilton-based Naturopathy clinic, Mullen Natural Health, is inviting you to experience their FREE 15-minute consultations at The Herb Bar – providing a remedy for those cold and flu symptoms, plus many other ailments.

the herb bar consultations mullen natural health hamilton newcastle nsw

The family-owned practice has been serving the Newcastle community for over 30 years and their team of Naturopaths can treat all conditions from colds and flu to complex chronic issues like thyroid, gut disorders, anxiety, kids’ health, women’s health, and everything in between.

We’re officially in the cooler months now – what do you see most of from your clients at this time?

“We’re seeing a big rise in the number of people who have had a cold or the flu and are struggling to get back to health – or continually picking up another bug from work, the kids or just being out and about!

“Most people are waiting a few weeks to get into their GP, which is no good if you’re unwell. That’s why we created The Herb Bar – a free same-day consultation with a qualified Naturopath so families can get back on with their lives! Plus, it’s available for everyone, new and current patients.

“Many people arrive at our clinic desperate for something to relieve their symptoms or to stop their family getting run down, and with hardly any wait time, it’s one of the first places families are going to get well, fast.

How can Mullen Natural Health best help me stop any upcoming colds and flu? 

“If you want to avoid getting sick this winter or need help recovering from a recent cold or flu and want to prevent it from happening again – we've got effective herbal and nutritional remedies that work!”

What can patients expect from the free 15-minute naturopath consultation?

“After booking your free appointment, you’ll speak with a qualified clinical Naturopath who’ll assess you and create a bespoke treatment plan you can start right away! We use practitioner-only products that’ll quickly relieve your symptoms and help prevent you from getting unwell again.

“Our practitioners focus on treating the whole patient and their families, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, you can expect individualised care from our team. Just like any high-grade medications, you have to be assessed properly, before we can prescribe our products because they are exclusive to qualified practitioners only.

“If you’re wanting to get well and stay well and have thought about seeing a Naturopath, now’s the time! You can give us a call, speak with a professional, and receive a prescription on the spot.”

the herb bar consultations mullen natural health hamilton newcastle nsw

The close-knit Mullen Natural Health team is made up of qualified Clinical Naturopaths, Care Assistants, and office staff. If you’re looking to dive further into your own health concerns, read more about the team below.

Peter Mullen

Has been a Naturopath for over 30 years treating everything from very acute to long-term chronic health conditions and also specialises in:

- Solving complex health cases
- Children’s health
- Autoimmune conditions
- Stress, adrenal fatigue, and anxiety/depression
- Gut health
- Allergies and food intolerances
- Weight loss and body composition 

the herb bar consultations mullen natural health hamilton newcastle nsw

Jayne Larkins

Has been a practicing Naturopath for over 25 years and has extensive knowledge and expertise in:

- Behavioural and spectrum disorders in children (ASD & ADHD)
- Perimenopause and menopause
- Fatigue
- Immunity issues
- Mental health (anxiety and depression)
- Brain disorders including dementia

the herb bar consultations mullen natural health hamilton newcastle nsw

Belinda Babicci

Has been in the industry for over 20 years and has studied in many areas of natural health particularly within:

- Children’s health
- New mum's health and breastfeeding
- Anxiety 
- Gut health, food intolerances, and digestive issues
- Eczema and reactive skin conditions
- Period repair and endometriosis
- Complex health issues
- Men’s health

the herb bar consultations mullen natural health hamilton newcastle nsw

Mikaela Roberts

Has been part of the Mullen Natural Health team for over four years, graduating from Torrens University with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopath) with current clinical interests covering:

- Skin health conditions such as acne, eczema, and reactive conditions
- Women’s health conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, period pain and repair
- Gut health conditions
- Food intolerances
- Digestive issues

the herb bar consultations mullen natural health hamilton newcastle nsw

Mullen Natural Health’s FREE 15-minute telehealth consultations at The Herb Bar are available for patients Australia-wide; as all supplements are available for express post and same-day local pick-up. The service is available for both new and current patients, giving quick access to natural healthcare for everyone!

To book an urgent appointment, simply call the Mullen Natural Health team at (02) 4961 4075 or email them directly to get on the phone with a Naturopath on the same day. If you’re happy to wait, head online and book for your ideal time.

Mullen Natural Health

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