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Newcastle – it’s time for you to SPILL

Since 2013, HUNTERhunter has been telling the behind-the-scenes stories of our local go-to hospitality and lifestyle businesses. 

We’ve learned about where they’ve come from, how they got to where they are, and where they’re headed.

But what about the behind-the-scenes of their own lives? Where do the people behind your favourite restaurants go to eat? What playlist does your fave local creative have playing on repeat? Where do they head in Newcastle to impress their out-of-town friends and family? 

Introducing our new series, SPILL. Each month, we’ll sit down with some of the well-known and less familiar voices of our region to explore what makes them tick.

Previous SPILL chats include;

Scottish-born-turned-Novocastrian sandwich monger Ali Downer
Hear from Vera Wine’s partners in crime Josh and Florence Distefano
The face behind Squidless Studios' quirky canvas creations Madison Battams
Local jeweller of the rebranded Artefact Amelia Hancock
The man behind Hamilton’s favourite food and wine venue, Tony Harrison