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Discover Newcastle’s gym for your skin

A cosy hidden oasis currently residing in Jesmond’s shopping centre is about to change the local skin game with its approach to redefining natural beauty. To whom am I referring? SkinGym.

With Madaline Chalhoub at the helm, SkinGym is Newcastle’s go-to skin clinic with a unique approach to skin health with its membership-based program and its treatments focussed on rejuvenating your natural look in the most natural way possible.

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw
Madaline Chalhoub

“We’d love for Newcastle to recognise that what we do here at SkinGym is epic and it’s all-natural. There is no poison, it’s keeping you forever young, the natural way,” Madaline shared.

You might recognise Madaline’s ever-so bubbly and friendly personality from her past business life, Downtown Beirut, which she opened in early 2020 before saying goodbye to that business and moving back into her passion, the skin industry and launching SkinGym alongside her business partners in 2021.

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw

“I’ve been in the skin industry for 25 years. I’ve always had that passion for making people look and feel beautiful.”

If you’re well-versed in the trends within today’s skin industry, you’ll be well aware of the popularity of fillers and Botox to enhance looks. However, SkinGym is turning in the opposite direction, away from such toxins and embracing natural beauty.

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw

“I love giving people their wings to fly again. When you're confident with your skin, your whole demeanour changes. I saw the beauty in helping people enhance their natural beauty and get their confidence back.

“I see the impact that having bad skin has on people. After a few weeks of our treatments, people walk out much happier and brighter than they were when they walked in.”

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw

In June 2023, SkinGym launched its newest treatment program, which is a first-of-its-kind, The Forever Young membership; a personalised journey to help individuals unlock the secrets of timeless beauty, naturally.

“We’re the only clinic in Australia that is purely a tailor-made membership offering. You’ll come in for a consultation, and then we assess and analyse before we tailor a treatment plan according to your skin needs over a period of 6 months, or fast-tracked at 12 weeks.”

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw

There are no quick fixes here at SkinGym, instead, you’ll go deeper with the SkinGym team with education at the forefront of the business.

“What I found is that the lack of education is what causes so many problems with people’s skin. We’re incredibly passionate and thorough in making sure our clients understand what we’re doing to their skin. It’s not a quick fix, it’s all about education.”

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw

The $299 per month membership offers a value of $4000 worth of advanced skin treatments that will see SkinGym utilise their advanced medical grade TGA-approved devices, and pull on their unique knowledge, expertise, and experience.

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw

“With us, you’ll see that there is science behind every procedure that we do. All of our girls are trained to utilise the machines for the best individual outcome.”

Known for their incredible outcomes for acne-prone skin, Madaline goes on to say she’s had families travel from Sydney just to get their kids in for an all-natural acne treatment.

“The ones that suffer from acne are travelling from all over because they don’t want to resort to going down that harsher route like using Roaccutane. The parents want that natural approach for their kids, so they’re willing to drive for it.

“When you see our results for acne clients, it’s amazing. Four weeks is generally all it takes. Our before and afters will blow you away.”

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw

Speaking with Madaline and the SkinGym staff will have you excited for your future skin and confidence that will undoubtedly come with it. The passion and knowledge that comes from the team will have you sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to learn more,

“You’re not just looking good; you’re experiencing the best skin of your life. For the best skin of your life, it’s the best investment.”

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw

Another little tidbit worth mentioning about SkinGym is their slightly taboo offering which I’ll let Madaline expand on…

“I know a lot of women suffer as they age, or women that have had children, that lose their libido, the muscle behind the clitoris weakens, or they just don’t have as much excitement. We are promoting a service, a G Spot that only SkinGym Australia can find.

“The device that we use strengthens the muscle behind your clitoris which will give you longer orgasms.”

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw

The service I’ve been told is so popular that groups of women are found gathering around Madaline as she starts talking about the benefits – don’t believe me? Drop in and ask the team about it for yourself!

With all of this and more happening at SkinGym, it’s no surprise to hear that the local skin clinic is quickly outgrowing their space in Jesmond. So, come July 1st, you’ll be able to find SkinGym at their newest premises, at 38 James St, Hamilton.

skingym jesmond newcastle nsw

The brand-new clinic will feature five treatment rooms and will boast a new service; their body scrubs which is basically just a full head-to-toe Turkish bath.

“It’s a place where we want everyone to feel like they belong. We’re so excited about the new space. When you walk in, it’s just wow.”

The world of skin has absolutely boomed over recent years, with more individuals wanting to not only spend time working out at the gym, looking after their diet, but also investing in their overall health and wellbeing including looking after their skin.