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Core Restore Co

The wellness clinic changing the conversation around pelvic floor health

If you’ve ever faced challenges with your pelvic floor or core strength, you’ll know how disruptive it can be to your quality of life.

Core Restore Co is redefining the conversation about pelvic floor and core health. Let’s face it: the issues that can stem from this area of our body aren’t always easy to talk about, but they’re incredibly common among all people, men included. Our bodies deserve some TLC, and that’s where Core Restore Co comes in.

core restore co redhead

Started by Lake Macquarie local Heather Foord, Core Restore Co is a wellness centre that is dedicated to helping people strengthen their pelvic floor and core through tailor-made treatments.

After feeling frustrated by the lack of support she received after having a baby, Heather launched Core Restore Co in 2021 in Caringbah, and the clinic has now expanded to Brookvale and Redhead.

We dropped by the Redhead clinic to chat with Heather and Caitlin Magin, a rehab specialist and Pilates instructor who originally came to Core Restore Co as a client.

core restore co redhead

“I had a baby and I was leaking afterwards, and I thought the treatment was phenomenal,” Caitlin said.

You don’t have to be postpartum to see the benefits of treatment – the clinic sees anyone and everyone, honing in on strengthening the pelvic floor, core, and glutes.

“We focus on functionality – no leakage, no ab separation, avoiding back pain, getting all the muscles to work properly so you can function properly.”

core restore co redhead

“Each person who comes in is their own person and we tailor something exactly to them.”

Some clients might be sent to Core Restore Co from a physiotherapist or other health provider, or Core Restore Co might get physio clearance if there’s a major issue they can’t treat. 

So, how does treatment at Core Restore Co actually work?

core restore co redhead

The clinic uses two main technologies – Emsella and Emsculpt. Both are machines that work with a magnetic charge called a supramaximal charge. They’re attached to your muscles, and the muscle catches onto the charge which stimulates it. The result? Involuntary contractions, which are the equivalent of doing 11,200 Kegels (on the Emsella) or 20,000 situps (on the Emsculpt).

“It’s involuntary. You can’t fight it. If you’re sitting on the Emsella in the right spot, your pelvic floor will activate. If you’ve got it on your tummy, you’ll get an involuntary contraction.”

core restore co redhead

There’s no downtime and there’s no pain whatsoever – it’s a non-invasive treatment that allows you to see results instantaneously.

Even Caitlin was sceptical before she tried it, but the results speak for themselves. One wall in the clinic is filled with client testimonials, all expressing their progress since working with Core Restore Co.

core restore co redhead

It’s a testament to Heather’s passion, not only for helping women with issues that they often think they have to suffer through, but for breaking down the stigma that still surrounds women’s health.

Is it time to get the help you deserve? Core Restore Co could be your go-to spot for finally finding relief and reclaiming your pelvic floor and core health.

Core Restore Co

29A Kalaroo Rd, Redhead

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