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Cooks Hill

Cooks Hill Galleries

A leading commerical art gallery

Opening its doors in 1975, Cooks Hill Galleries has recently been refurbished as part of a renewal initiative and now features 5 gallery rooms. 

Sitting within the art precinct of Cooks Hill, the quaint gallery offers many services such as buying and selling, art advice, valuations, appraisals and assessments.

The Gallery's Director, Mark Widdup, admits “I was never a very good student, I had the opportunity to start here and made my way, and made all the mistakes as one does, and crawled and tripped over and continued to make errors and learn by time”.

Mark explains that the first gallery room is designed as a one-feature exhibition room. The skylight and strategic placed lighting offer a feeling of looking outside and of life. The exhibition here changes monthly, with Tracey-Maree Smith's exhibition currently on display.

“There is a flow element to the gallery, people can easily glide their way through’, adds Mark. The gallery showcases a mixture of contemporary Australian artists with a wide range of styles and mediums.

"Putting contrast items together makes you look at each item individually and also it makes the artwork stand in its own right. It’s competing with what’s next to it but it’s not in the same category. It gives you the diversity for the viewer”.

The installation of a user-friendly iPad allows guests to navigate the Cooks Hill Galleries website while at the gallery, read about the artists and look at a digital catalogue of their latest works. There is also a regularly updated blog and comments from Mark himself.

Cooks Hill Galleries

65 Bull Street, Cooks Hill, NSW, 2300

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