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Experience a higher standard of training at 98 Gym Newcastle

Newcastle has just landed itself a higher standard of training with a true strength and conditioning facility, 98 Gym, officially setting up shop in our City’s CBD.

98 gym newcastle nsw

Originating from 98 Riley Street, in Sydney’s Darlinghurst – 98 Gym has opened its sixth venue right in the heart of Newcastle and if you’re a gym lover, deep into your fitness journey, or perhaps less experienced but keen to dial your training up a notch with performance based strength and conditioning, you need to get yourself to 98 Newcastle.

Headed by Newcastle local, Dave Rugendyke – who some may know from the ever-so-popular Merewether café spot, Convoy Commune – 98 Gym brings progressive, periodised strength and conditioning programming to Newcastle, delivered by highly experienced coaches, in a way you can understand, with progress you can track.

98 gym newcastle nsw

Dave, with the help of two local legends, Luke Douglass and Oli McCarthy, has been slowly bringing the gym to life with the official Open Day kicking things off earlier this month on Saturday, 4th of November. The Open Day itself was one for the local fitness books with over 150 people in attendance and more than 150 members signed up for their first week of training.

“There are some great facilities, as well as some really good people within the fitness industry locally, but as a consumer, I’ve always felt there was a gap here in Newcastle in terms of a facility that provides a structured, evidence-based strength and conditioning program. Rather than simply going through the motions to break a sweat, it’s about training smart with strategically planned percentages and intensities to maximise benefits whilst minimising plateaus. 

“Our structured, periodised programming keeps your body adapting and progressing in a way that is sustainable, which also reduces the chance of injury - after all, we all have lives outside of the gym, so to ensure it’s effective long term, that part is incredibly important and can so often be overlooked.

“98 Gym originally launched in Darlinghurst in 2010, and I’d followed their journey from the outside for at least ten of those years. I’d always really loved their professional approach, as well as their culture and mentality of integrity, persistence & hard work over aesthetics & ego. I’d always wished we had something like that here in Newcastle.”

98 gym newcastle nsw

Founder and former English Super League player, Chris Feather originally launched the business back in 2010 with the help of a good friend, Russell Crowe (yes, we’re referring to THE Russell Crowe), and over the 13 years since that time, the institution of a fitness facility has built a strong and well-respected reputation within the industry Australia wide. 

The original Riley St, Darlinghurst venue remains, and the brand has now expanded its offering across Australia in the past few years with venues now in Bondi, Brisbane, Melbourne, Moore Park, Canberra, and now of course, Newcastle!

98 gym newcastle nsw

“Their expansion model is very different to most other franchises in the fitness space. It’s about getting the right people involved in the right places, and ensuring that the quality of their offering is maintained - within 98, we know it as holding the 98 standard.

“That 98 standard is what differentiates it from others - it’s ultimately a culture. In training sessions, it’s putting in the work to reach your goals; putting in the effort you know you’re capable of. In the gym, you can expect to be properly coached and educated. As a member, it’s being ready to learn and ready to understand what we’re asking you to do and the reasons why. 

“Amongst the gym community, it’s being ready to help when you see it’s needed; doing the right thing, even when nobody's watching. It’s knowing the same will be returned. Those standards we hold in the gym then start to have an influence on other areas of our lives - that’s the 98 difference, or as we know it, that’s holding the 98 standard!”

98 gym newcastle nsw

98 Gym Newcastle offers two separate programming options. The first, Performance, is the flagship strength and conditioning program that features set conditioning days and strength days. The Hybrid program is a movement efficiency program which acts as a really good introduction or transition into this style of training, and a great way to build confidence.

98 gym newcastle nsw

“The best thing we recommend is for you to try it all and see what fits. Some people naturally feel comfortable in one style of programming as opposed to the other. Science and results aside, the best form of training is the training you enjoy because you’re likely to stick with it.”

In keeping with the 98 philosophy of working with highly qualified and experienced individuals, 98 Gym Newcastle has launched a very high calibre team of coaches, with backgrounds working in the Military, and in professional sports as Strength and Conditioning coaches for the New Zealand Warriors and our beloved Newcastle Knights.

98 gym newcastle nsw

“You can have the best program in the world and the best facility in the world but ultimately, the coach delivering it is what determines the effectiveness. To have highly experienced, highly qualified, professional coaches, who are also genuinely good people - we’re very fortunate to have formed such a knowledgeable and experienced team, and it will make a huge difference to the overall member experience.”

Take your physical (and mental) strength to a whole new level and experience for the 98 Gym Newcastle difference for yourself. 

98 Gym Newcastle is offering HUNTERhunter readers a $10 p/week discount for their Class Membership – bringing it down from $70 p/week to $60 p/week. Head online here and use the code HHX98.

Note: discount code is only available until 15TH DECEMBER, 2023.