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The Greenroof

Meatballs! Plus a new look for this old pub

If you’ve ever had a beer at the Greenroof Hotel (that’s the old pub on Tudor St in Hamilton) you’ll remember it as being an old school family run hotel. If you go for a beer today, what you’ll find is a new personality and something pretty unique to the Newcastle pub scene, meatballs!

Walking into the bar area, at first glance there’s not a drastic difference, some obvious additions jump out like the industrial style light fittings that hang over the beer taps, quirky wallpaper and schmicko new bar bench. Take a closer look and it’s the little details that have brought new character to this old timer and turned it into something fresh.

Owners Greg Mathew and Russell Richardson said that it was important for them not to lose all of the old bar, instead they wanted to just put a new spin on it, and try something that hasn’t been done before in Newcastle with Greg explaining, “We feel that we’ve saluted the hotel's history by enhancing its current features, we just wanted a venue that felt fun during the day or night.”

Walking beyond the bar is where things really get interesting and a whole lot different. Firstly it’s all been opened up, walls knocked down, creating a dining booth area that pays tribute to some other old timers. Images of rock legends the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Cher get their own booth space and plaques added for those who like their trivia.

Continuing into the beer garden there is wood and brick decking and an open kitchen window that looks into the young crew of kitchen staff. Talking of the kitchen, the food concept was inspired by the creators of a restaurant in New York called The Meatball Shop, who now have seven venues in New York. Greg went on to explain that,

“About 5 years ago I was in a conversation with the owners about doing something here in Australia but it never quite came together, instead they sent me a recipe book and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

“We’ve taken a little bit from them and with our head chef, Dion Pophrostoff, we’ve added a little element of Australian style binge food. We wanted to create a menu that we feel reflected the venue and wasn’t taken too seriously, our menu can be eaten standing up at the bar or out the back in a booth, it’s a flexible fun food group.”

Whilst we may have had a bit of a soft spot for the old place, we have to admit that we love the new one whether it be for a quiet meal and a couple of beers, some bingo on the bar or an all nighter.

The Greenroof

71 Tudor St, Hamilton NSW 2303

Today - 1100 - 2300