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Texas Bar-B-Q Grill

Expect all those classic Texan flavours thanks to the fully imported American Yoder Smoker

A taste of Texas has just landed in Newcastle with the Texas Bar-B-Q Grill all fired up to bring some smoking hot food to the city this autumn.

Setting up in the newly refurbished dining precinct at Wests Mayfield, Texas Bar-B-Q Grill is bringing some Texan favourites to your table - think 18hr slow smoked rib eye steak and baby back ribs, cooked to perfection on the fully imported American Yoder Smoker which adds a deep, rich smoky flavour to everything that passes over its charry grill.

There are of course a fantastic range of burgers and pizzas if charry meats don’t fire up your appetite.

In addition to slow smoked ribs and wings, burgers, pizzas and prime-grade, hand-trimmed, naturally aged steaks, Texas Bar-B-Q Grill will offer classic steakhouse sides, fresh seafood, heirloom vegetables, salads, kids meals (served on a take home frisbee for a bit of fun) and house-made desserts.

For those of a vegan preference you'll be able to join your meaty mates with the menu featuring a selection of meat free options and together with a relaxed, family friendly vibe the Texas Bar-B-Q Grill is one of the city's most welcoming restaurants that has something for everyone.

Texas Bar-B-Q Grill

32 Industrial Drive, Mayfield, NSW, 2304

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