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Discover Wickham’s refreshed Italian eatery

In the heart of Wickham, a new eatery has emerged, bringing a vibrant fusion of Italian flavours and global influences to the local dining scene.

La Stazione, formerly known as Italy’s Pantry, has transformed to bring you an innovative Italian dining experience.

A collaboration between Bao Brothers owner, David Griffen, and former Italy’s Pantry, Popolo Gelateria, and Napoli Centrale owner, Alfonso Muras has seen the reinvention of Italian come to life with La Stazione.

“The team at Italy’s Pantry approached me intending to collaborate but once the guys introduced me to the space, I knew straight away I wanted to be a part of the journey. We threw some ideas around and all agreed Newcastle was ready for something fun and different in the Italian space,” co-owner David said.

At the heart of La Stazione is of course its menu – a harmonious blend of Italian tradition and global inspiration.

la stazione italian restaurant wickham newcastle nsw

“We like to call it Italian-ish or New Age Italian. The menu is simple, casual, and unpretentious. We wanted to create a space people can come for a mid-week pasta and vino, celebration dinner to share with friends and family, or just getting a quality Italian takeaway to relax at home.”

Notable highlights include the tantalising Pizza Squares, inspired by Roman and New York styles, and innovative creations like the Mafalde Ragu and Pumpkin Ricotta Lasagne.

“Our New Age Italian menu makes La Stazione unique to Newcastle. Although we will always respect the Italian traditions, we have the freedom to infuse this with other cultures which will ensure our food offering will be one of a kind.”

More than just exceptional cuisine, La Stazione offers diners a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for all occasions. Families, couples, and friends alike are welcomed into a space characterised by its ambiance, innovative flavours, and warm Italian-ish hospitality.

la stazione italian restaurant wickham newcastle nsw

“The vibe is fun and colourful. We want to be the neighbourhood favourite that can cater for all occasions.”

Complementing the food is an enticing selection of wines and cocktails. The wine list features a blend of both traditional Italian varietals as well as offerings from Australia and New Zealand. Signature cocktails like the Spritz Amalfitano add a refreshing twist.

Relaunching as La Stazione earlier this year, the offering will no doubt continue to evolve, delighting diners with its diverse menu, rotating specials, and ample seating. See you at La Stazione.