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Susuru Ramen & Gyoza

What is authentic Japanese ramen? We asked the question

Since opening in October 2017 Susuru has wowed locals with their yellow Instagramable wall, futuristic décor and, of course, their Japanese comfort food which is a weekly attraction for regulars looking to satisfy their Ramen cravings.

At the heart of this iconic dish is the broth, It is hard to pin down what one could call an ‘authentic’ Japanese ramen, with a myriad of styles coming from its country of origin. The best ramen, however, has one underlying common factor – a broth produced with love and hard labour – and this is what Susuru provides in abundance – broths lovingly created from scratch with fresh ingredients sourced almost exclusively from local produce.

Susuru has never rested on its laurels and has consistently evolved its ramen flavours and range of dishes to satisfy intrigued newbies right through to serious slurpers.

Every two weeks they produce a special ramen with adventurous (and sometimes audacious!) flavours for the punters to devour. These typically provide a fusion of Western and Japanese tastes and are also available to order online for delivery or pick-up.

Ramen isn’t your thing? No problem. Susuru has a sumptuous line-up of house-made gyoza flavours and side dishes to enjoy, and they’ve recently added donburi (Japanese dishes on a bed of rice) to the mix for the rice lovers. Susuru also has a wide range of vegan and gluten-free options to choose from.

It would be remiss not to mention the incredible dessert gyoza and the uniquely flavoured popsicles that have been a big hit through the Summer.

If you’re a newcomer or you’ve been before it is well worth your time to venture into Susuru again and enjoy the amazing array of flavours.

Remember to slurp!!!

Susuru Ramen & Gyoza

140 King St, Newcastle NSW 2300

Today - 1200 - 1500 1700 - 2030