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The Hamilton restaurant expands into the space next door

Since opening in late 2021, Harrison's Food & Wine has cemented itself as a quality neighbourhood restaurant, offering up sophisticated menus and an interesting wine list in a laidback space that feels like owner and chef Tony Harrison’s own dining room.

Now, the Hamilton restaurant has grown – into the space next door! 

As a result, Harrison’s has doubled its capacity, and is now able to comfortably seat 60 inside. That means more people can experience all the restaurant has to offer, but also that Urban Mess – themed community dinners that Tony once ran at Lowlands Bowling Club and Merewether Surf Club – can return.

“We’re going to do a revival of Urban Mess. Now we’ve got space, we can do one sitting of 60, and do a different cuisine every time we do it,” Tony said.

harrison's expands hamilton newcastle

Think communal seating, dining with friends old and new, and trying fresh, inventive dishes. Keep an eye out for the return of these much-loved dinners!

It also means that Tony can move the bar into the new space, adding to the relaxed vibe.

“The next stage is to put a bar in the new side of the building, then remove the bar on the other side and eventually run some neat little bar seats around the windows. It’ll create a really great look when you drive past, everyone sitting up at the window – give it a bit of a different feel.”

After getting into the space next door in October last year following lots of waiting, the team had a tight turnaround to get the expansion ready in time for Christmas.

harrison's expands hamilton newcastle

“It was a whirlwind renovation, we were very lucky we had some amazing builders that got us over the line.

We could trade the whole time while the renovations were happening, then we punched an archway – an old-school, beautiful archway – in the door between two concrete pillars that hold the building up.”

Another benefit of having more space? Harrison’s now has a secondary prep kitchen, which allows the team to focus more on the catering side of the business. So, if you’ve been thinking that Harrison’s would be a great way to feed people at your next event, now’s the time to get in touch! 

While we wait for the return of Urban Mess, it’s time to make a booking and experience the extension to Harrison’s restaurant space.