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Ron & Raf move into the Greenroof kitchen

There’s been a change-up in the Greenroof kitchen with the launch of a new menu that pulls together some old favourites right alongside some surprising new flavours.

'Greenroof Kitchen by Ron & Raf' is as the name suggests brought to you by Ronnie Stricke & Raf Tonon, whose faces you may already be a little familiar with.

greenroof kitchen by ron and raf newcastle restaurant

Catching up with Ron & Raf in the beer garden at the Greenroof, Raf explains,

“The concept of Kitchen by Ron & Raf is for the Greenroof to become known more as a foodies pub. Somewhere you can come and have really good quality food that isn’t too expensive and is in a relaxed pub environment.”

Don’t freak out, it doesn’t mean that you’re beloved pub grub has been scrubbed, you can still drop in and enjoy all your pub classics, but what you’ll now find are your schnitty’s and burgers sitting right alongside a collection of SMALLS & BIGS that are loaded with big, seasonal flavours.

greenroof hotel ron and raf restaurant hamilton

"We’re still doing the pub classics, but with a bit of extra love."

"There’s a whole lot of variety to select from on the Smalls menu which are designed for sharing. The idea is to keep that nice pub feel but to show people there’s more to this venue than a pub meal and change people’s perceptions of what you can eat in a pub." explains Raf.

greenroof hotel ron and raf restaurant hamilton

“The Smalls will change regularly as it’s going to be quite seasonal and we want to keep it interesting.”

The Bigs are as the name suggests big in size & flavor and bring a fresh new take to some old favs. For those afraid to step too far outside of their square the Cheese Burger is a winner, however, the Japanese Fried Chicken Burger with its House Tonkatsu Sauce and Slaw offers up a new type of burger experience. As does the R+R Kransky D.O.G. with Bacon, Jalapeño Relish, Corn Salsa & Queso, and the Potato Gnocchi with Goats Curd, Brown Butter, Sage, Currents and Hazelnuts.

greenroof hotel ron and raf restaurant hamilton

To launch the new menu $15 Lunch Specials are happening Monday - Friday and for those of you who enjoy an end of week long lunch drop into the Greenroof on Fridays for a Luncthtime Raffle at 1pm and $30 Cocktail and $15 Balter XPA Jugs.

greenroof kitchen by ron and raf newcastle restaurant

First meeting at Goldfish Bar in the Hunter Valley Ron & Raf each have an impressive work resume with Raf saying, “I don’t have a pub background, more recently I was group Exec. Head Chef at Goldfish before I came on board at MEET when it opened. I left and worked for a brief period of time at Muse in the Hunter Valley and from there I came straight to the Greenroof.”

Ron adds, “I’ve got almost 40 years of work experience at different venues and places around the world, from pubs to clubs, bars, fine dining restaurants and function centres. The Ron & Raf concept is quite different to anything either of us have done before but it’s the best thing we’ve ever done.”

“It’s food we want to do and the guys here at the Greenroof have trusted us to do what we think is good.”

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