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Coffee on Glebe Road

The old favourite across the road from the Prince of Wales in Merewether has recently been reborn with a new name, new vibe, and new coffee expertise. We caught up with Nathaniel the owner, to learn about the changes he’s brought to the cafe and what he has in store for Frothers' future.

So, what has changed?

“We were lucky enough to tie in a small amount of necessary renovation ... and we’ve released a new coffee menu. Which is, I guess, the first of its kind in Newcastle…and it’s not really popular anywhere else in the world.”

Whilst Frothers has your standard food and beverage menu, it’s their dedicated coffee menu that makes them stand out from the rest.

“It starts off by explaining the milk-based drinks... Then onto the things, people wouldn’t have most commonly heard of. Like the single origin coffees ... and the cold brew. We also offer filtered coffee; both by batch brew and then hand-crafted pour overs."

“The idea with this menu is that we can have more options and actually have people try new things every single day.”

The world of coffee is certainly not new to Nathaniel, in fact, he’s had quite the journey. As we were chatting, Nathaniel reminisced on his first experience of latte art,

“I was about 5 years old…and some family friends had opened up a cafe in Coffs Harbour. This lady that I knew, bent down and she poured the perfectly formed rosetta in front of me, and I was just like, WIZARDY!"

Nathaniel is stoked to have such a brilliant team on board with him at Frothers Espresso, who are consistently hoping to build their strong, educational relationships with their customers.

“There are some extremely passionate individuals that I get to work with that really, really love coffee and we get to share that with the customers. That’s what’s really important.”

Frothers Espresso

140 Glebe Road, Merewether NSW 2291

Today - 0700 - 1400