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Missing the Wickham restaurant? Now you can experience Flotilla at home!

Since opening in 2019, Flotilla has had a wild ride in its short history. The captivating little restaurant in the heart of Wickham has put its own unique spin on Newcastle’s fine dining scene and starting this week you can enjoy Flotilla at home.

One of Flotilla’s staples is the incredible five-course lunch offering every Sunday afternoon, a creation born of the hospitality prowess of Head Chef, Shayne Mansfield and Restaurant Manager, Eduardo Molina.

With the city now in lockdown, the boys put their heads together and developed Flotilla At Home, a take-home offering which brings the very best in emerging Spring produce and flavours to your table.

flotilla restaurant at home newcastle nsw

And to make this a culinary experience as immersive as one when you dine in, guests will be asked to fire up the oven and do their bit to make it a Flotilla meal to remember.

“Our offering is what you would get at Flotilla, but there are a couple of steps that you need to at home to get people a little more involved,” Head Chef, Shayne Mansfield said.

“They’re meals that are on our menu so it is essentially Flotilla food at your dining table, but two of the five courses have a few steps to them. 

“Of the five courses, the two courses at the start are cold. You’ll have to cook the third course, reheat the fourth, and dessert is sorted!”

flotilla restaurant at home newcastle nsw

There are two menus on offer, one a vegetarian option. Both are five courses and designed for two people, and the menu will change fortnightly to allow people to experience Flotilla again, and again, and again!

With dishes featuring food like 48-hour cooked short rib, Maple glazed Romanesco, and pickled Daicon, this is an experience you can’t afford to miss.

Two that stand out for Shayne are the Pickled Octopus (Pickled octopus, roasted chickpea miso, spent sourdough, red cabbage, pickle tap roots), and the Duck and Porcini Pie (Duck and porcini pie, parsnip butter, shiraz gastrique).

flotilla restaurant at home newcastle nsw

“The octopus and the duck pie are my favourites.

“The octopus has been pickled in red cabbage and has this lovely purple colour which is quite aesthetically pleasing, which is eaten cold. The duck is a classic French pie, and all you have to do with that is whack it in the oven, heat it up, and it’s ready to go.”

flotilla restaurant at home newcastle nsw

One thing the Flotilla gang are excited to see is how people will make the experience their own at home, when asked how to serve it all up their response was “however they like it”,

So don’t forget to share with us (and them) how you like Flotilla at home by using #flotillaathome

For what’s on the menu and how to order, visit the website here or check them out on Instagram here.

What: Flotilla At Home
When: Thu-Sat
More Info: click here


9 Albert Street, Wickham NSW 2293

Today - 1200 - 1800