Misty Valley Farm

Get Picking at Misty Valley Blueberries

When harvested correctly these sweet little bluish balls of goodness become the perfect accompaniment in any salad, dessert, cocktail or, just all on their own. 

Touted as being a ‘superfood’ and ‘supergood’ for you these pouches of juicy deliciousnss claim to maintain healthy bones, reduce blood pressure, manage diabetes, ward off heart disease, and the list goes on.

So what could possibly be better than picking up your very own carton of blueberries from your local fruit & veg shop and tucking into them on a hot summer’s day?

Picking them fresh from the blueberry bush itself! and that’s exactly what you can do when you visit Misty Valley Blueberries.

Not a new property by any means, Misty Valley Blueberries is well known for supplying some of the region’s best organic blueberries to many of our fav local cafes and restaurants. You’ll also find Misty Valley Blueberries stocked in quite a few of Newcastle’s specialty shops and fruit & veg stores.

Owners Ginaya and Jason purchased the property in October 2019 instantly falling in love with the gorgeous leafy green pocket of land. Located in Brunkerville, just 40 minutes south of Newcastle, Misty Valley has just under an acre of blueberry bushes planted and with the blueberries set to ripen towards the end of December it's quite the harvesting task ahead, which doesn't faze Ginaya at all. 

‘After 26 years the previous owners decided to sell the property, as the upkeep was getting a little too much for them. We had known the owners for many years and when the opportunity came up to buy the property we jumped at it.’ 

As a part of the annual harvest Ginaya and Jason will be opening their farm gates to those interested in checking out what a working blueberry farm looks like, whilst also getting the chance to pick their own bucket of blueberries to enjoy for themselves.

If you're interested in trying your hand at some blueberry picking keep your eye on the Misty Valley Facebook page for new picking dates.