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Binnorie Dairy

One of Australia’s premiere soft cheese makers is right here in Lovedale

When you visit the Hunter Valley you may have your regular hot spots to visit, and if you know anything about the area then Binnorie Dairy is sure to at the top of that list.

First opening in 2003 on Hermitage Rd the team from Binnorie Dairy have relocated and in February this year found a new home in Lovedale.

For owners Simon & Sally Gough the move had been a long time coming with Sally saying,

‘We out grew the space on Hermitage Rd years ago but trying to find the right position, right land and all the things we need for cheese making took a lot longer than expected’.

‘It’s been a massive build, even just getting electricity to the property was a huge undertaking.’

For those who are familiar with Binnorie Dairy you will remember a rather small tasting room that was jam-packed with all those tasty cheese flavours. Today what you’ll discover, just off Lovedale Rd, is a brand new spacious cheese making and tasting experience that now allows you to drop in, sit-down and linger for as long you need.

New to Binnorie is the coffee and extended menu, that includes a range of meats and desserts, liquor license and that beautiful bench seating that allows you to relax whilst you soak up the Hunter Valley views, delicious wine and one of those amazing Binnorie cheese platters.

Whilst the cheese offering hasn’t changed all that much the idea is that with the bigger premise will allow for space to create a few surprises in the not too distant future.

Binnorie Dairy

25 Lodge Road, Lovedale NSW 2325

Today - 1000 - 1700