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Take a journey around the globe when you next visit the Hunter Valley

Chateau Elan Hunter Valley most likely conjures up images of a luxury day spa, beautifully appointed accommodation or perhaps challenging golf course greens, but have you considered taking a seat in the glass house for a dining experience that is sure to delight.

Headed up by chef Greg Singian Legends Grill at Chateau Elan offers guests a spectacular dining experience that takes in 180 degree views of The Vintage golf course.

When it comes to the dining Greg and the team have had a complete switch-up in the kitchen turning the menu on its head following their reopening in June this year. Every two months the menu is altered with each release taking guests on a journey around the globe, with Greg explaining,

“The restaurant was closed for a period of time due to Covid and whilst we were closed we made the decision to simplify the menu, strip it back to offer two and three course options.”

“We then decided to take the menu around the world changing it every two months because what we found was that we’d get bored of it after a few weeks. We’re so used to doing 20 or 30 different types of prep a night and with this menu it’s just six dishes, so it was our way of keeping things interesting for guests and the team.”

Head Chef Greg Singian with the Skewered Chicken Souvlaki dish.
Head Chef Greg Singian with the Skewered Chicken Souvlaki dish.

The new concept was launched in June with an Australiasian theme that took inspiration from Australia and New Zealand’s produce and cooking styles,

“Our first menu was a barbeque style using our smoker, I love that I am in my element using the smoker.”

On our visit we just happened to be experiencing the gorgeous flavours of Greece, starting with Marinated Octopus, Chili Spiced Jus, Arugula Salad and Tzatziki, followed by the spectacular Skewered Chicken Souvlaki served with Grecian beans, Nostinni Potato, Greek salad, and tzatziki.

For those who take the three course option you’ll be needing to make sure there’s room for the Kataïfi. Made with layers of Kataïfi dough and bathed in lemon-scented syrup that's topped with creamy thick custard, whipped cream and garnished with cinnamon and pistachios this dish will live long in your dessert memory.

Authenticity is at the heart of every menu with Greg uncovering the true flavours of the region's cuisine,

”I write the menu and then my Sous Chef implements it, sometimes I give him a headache [Greg laughs]. The Italy menu I’ve told the team we’re not going to do any pasta or pizza, instead Saltimbocca and dishes that you don’t normally think of when it comes to Italian.”

For those considering visiting later in the year you can expect Spanish which is set to be launched in the second week of December,

“The Spanish are big on Christmas so we’ll have a lots of Chrissy dishes on the menu.”

“From Spanish we’ll move to Italian, than Pan Asian which will be an incorporation of Singapore, Malaysian, and some Indian flavours, and then we go back to Australia and New Zealand and think about using different flavours.”

Regardless of the destination flavour be sure to book your seat for a dining experience you'll be telling all your friends about.  

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