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Taste coffee grown in Australian and roasted by Bliss Coffee Roasters

When you think of the places your coffee comes from, a few locations might come to mind – Brazil, Ethiopia, or Colombia, perhaps. But did you know that coffee is grown in Australia too?

Now, thanks to locals Bliss Coffee Roasters, you can enjoy coffee that has been grown, processed, and roasted right here in Australia.

bliss coffee roasters hunter valley
Bliss owner James Conway (left) and Bliss manager Taylor Schneider (right)

It’s an exciting launch for Bliss, who have grown into a hub for all things coffee at their Rutherford home. Their Australia coffee is a foray into what Bliss owner James Conway says is the under-explored world of Australian coffee.

bliss coffee roasters australian coffee hunter valley

“A lot of care and labour goes into growing coffee here. It’s not a coffee that a lot of people have had a crack at making here in the specialty market. The desire from specialty roasters hasn’t been there.

“I think the experience of being able to drink a coffee grown here from nothing, then roasted and profiled here is a really cool thing. Literally the whole process happens in this country,” James said.

bliss coffee roasters australian coffee hunter valley

The beans hail from Dimbulah Estate in the Atherton Tablelands, which Bliss manager Taylor Schneider explains is blessed with certain conditions that make it a great spot for coffee growing.

“To get a really good cup of coffee, you need the beans to be growing at a high altitude, which we don’t really have in Australia. The thing that Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands does have is a microclimate where they get really hot, dry temperatures as well as that moisture, but then they also get the cold ocean breeze as well,” Taylor said.

bliss coffee roasters australian coffee hunter valley

The result is not only an ideal environment for growing coffee, but a terroir – much like wine – that distinguishes Dimbulah’s Bourbon bean from one grown in other countries.

bliss coffee roasters australian coffee hunter valley

In the roasting process, Taylor has aimed for a flavour profile of chocolate, orange, and a little bit of almond.

“I want that little bit of acidity from the orange, but the main flavour that I want to come through is that really nice chocolate.”

bliss coffee roasters australian coffee hunter valley

So, you can expect Australia to go nicely with milk thanks to that chocolate note, but the beans have been roasted to taste good in a black or white coffee.

Want to try it for yourself? Make your way to Bliss Coffee Roasters in Rutherford or head online to their website to get a taste of coffee grown right here in Australia.

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