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Bella & Co Coffee Cart

A Cup of Coffee to Nourish you and Flourish the Community

Driving down the New England Highway, you may have spied a little spot to get your takeaway down Grant Street, East Maitland. This unassuming coffee cart is a hit with its regulars given its friendly, community vibe, the convenient location and its consistent morning hours. But did you know that with each cup of coffee purchased, you’re doing a lot more than just giving yourself a morning kickstart? HUNTERhunter met up with the recently returned original Bella & Co owners to find out more.

bella and co coffee cart

Bella & Co relocated from Melbourne Street to Grant Street a few years ago and the aptly named “Time Machine” coffee cart still takes pride of place inside Bella & Co.

We watch on as Annabella makes us a Short St Coffee Roasters cappuccino, an iced coffee and a delectable hot chocolate (yes that last one is for me of course). Our drinks are ready and whilst we wait for the owners to catch a break between making the good stuff, we explore the surrounds.

It is a small space adjacent to a little community garden that grows vegetables and fruit and has a little mud kitchen to complement the kids playthings we saw inside earlier. It all has the feeling of your friendly neighbour’s backyard.

community garden adjacent to bella and co coffee cart maitland

At the back of Bella & Co, there is an antique store selling all manner of things. From old tools to ancient ink bottles and even a vintage Singer sewing machine, it makes for a good way to spend 5 mins while you sip on your morning liquid gold.

antique shop melbourne street east maitland

We take a seat under the outside pergola and chat with Annabella and Matthew about what they have been up to and what the plans are for Bella & Co now that they are back on the scene.

Duty called the Bella & Co owners down to Tumut to care for an elderly parent, and now 12 months on, they have returned to their small coffee business. Bella & Co has been going for 8 years, the couple started the coffee business as a way to “nourish and flourish the community”. Now they are back, they mean to continue brewing up delicious coffee to nourish their local customers, whilst generating funds for charity work to flourish communities.

Annabella and Matthew bella and co coffee cart maitland

So far to date, they have raised thousands for their charity endeavours which have included programs such as funding the training and development for a Ghanaian woman to complete her Midwifery education. This in turn provided this woman with a stable livelihood and gave access for the local village to a qualified carer.

They are also currently working with a South African Orphanage to help its residents become self sustaining. Providing training, helping them to find jobs and permanent housing so they can continue on to live fulfilling and independent lives.

Chatting to this amazing couple, you can’t help but feel in awe of people such as these who give so much of their time and money to help others.

And you can feel good too in the knowledge that with every hot drink purchased here, you are helping a community flourish….and your taste buds will love you too.

charity and a coffee

Bella & Co is open 7 days a week from 6am - 12pm and its convenient location and parking mean you can pop in easily and pick up a cup of joe all whilst doing good at the same time.

Bella & Co Coffee Cart

110 Grant Street, East Maitland NSW, 2323

Today - 0600 - 1200