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Duff's Ice Cream

Ice cream like you’ve never tasted on the Central Coast at Duff’s

First things first, just go to Duff’s. Seriously.

What’s not to love about vintage kitsch, Willy Wonka vibes, and bonkers flavours that make you feel like a kid in a candy store? That is exactly what owner, inventor, and food scientist Olivia Duff has created.

duffs ice cream noraville central coast nsw

Located on the side of Budgewoi Road in a black and orange shipping container outside her childhood family home, Duff’s Ice Cream is both delicious and fun.

duffs ice cream noraville central coast nsw

A qualified food scientist, Olivia has worked in product development for large food producers including the local Mars Food factory in Berkeley Vale and the Mars Chocolate Factory in Ballarat.

During Uni she took a food study tour to the US and visited labs where Ben and Jerry’s learned their trade and worked for a few gelato companies here in Australia before deciding to draw on all this knowledge and pursue her own thing.

duffs ice cream noraville central coast nsw

“I love ice cream because it transports people with flavour. There is a childhood nostalgia to it,” Olivia shared.

This nostalgia is the driving force behind the roughly 84 litres of ice cream she produces per week. Duff’s releases 7 new flavours each month alongside melted ice cream milkshakes, soft serves, and the Whirl which is their version of a McFlurry, but better!

Olivia’s personal favourite creations have been the Grape Jelly with peanut butter and Oreos.

“We use Aeroplane Jelly in a format different to what people are used to and it messes with sensory expectation, which is really cool, I like to give people things they don't expect.”

duffs ice cream noraville central coast nsw

She’s also created the Coke Float and is set to experiment with childhood favourites such as Vegemite and Hubba Bubba.

Duff’s also plays with a “secret flavour” which customers are asked to guess on-site, the last being spirulina, sea salt and wasabi pea!

“We’re about interesting, fun, and engaging flavours, we’re not just an ordinary scoop shop.”

While we chat, people pull over as they drive along the busy Budgewoi Road or walk from nearby houses to create little gatherings up the street as they enjoy their treats.

duffs ice cream noraville central coast nsw

From a dad and his young son, a middle-aged man living across the street, two 20-something-year-old lads, and mums with kids in tow after school pick up at St Mary’s Public around the corner - word is around about Duff’s.

You may also see the vintage blue and white Duff truck as it caters for events across the Coast and Sydney.

“My dream was always to own an ice cream truck and now I do, it’s weird when things you’ve dreamed of happen.”

The truck, affectionately known as Stevie the Wonder Truck was found on Gumtree by previous ice cream creators Over The Moo and extends the kitsch and nostalgic branding of Duff’s beautifully. Being mobile means Olivia can give the magic of unique ice cream popping up at special events and occasions which is something she loves the most. 

duffs ice cream noraville central coast nsw

“People feel a strong connection to the food I create, and witnessing the memories that it sparks in people is awesome. I also love the technical aspect because I get to decide what to make, it’s very creative.”

The business is named after Olivia’s late father who was nicknamed Duff and was the inventor and engineer of the family. His influence is certainly kept alive through her Willy Wonka-esque creation and it’s far from done yet. The next plan is to get into independents such as IGA and cafes with take-home cups and roll out new white pullover uniforms and orange corduroy hats. 

Eventually, Duff’s is set to become a series of scoop shops and one day a full factory, still focused squarely on ice cream but allowing space and time for more complex and costly products such as ice cream sandwiches.

duffs ice cream noraville central coast nsw

Olivia even chose the shipping container operation with this dream in mind for its industrial vibe that acts as a mini factory; a symbol of her determination to make things happen.

Duff’s is open Thursday to Sunday 1-7pm (so she can invent and churn all the ice cream by hand during the rest of the week!) and we can guarantee you’ll leave screaming for more!

Duff's Ice Cream

26 Budgewoi Road, Noraville, NSW, 2263

Today - 1400 - 1900