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CoCo Bar and Dining

Terrigal’s Asian fusion bar & restaurant

Situated on the picturesque shores of Terrigal is Coco Bar & Dining – a gem that has been creating quite the buzz since its inception on August 9, 2023.

coco bar and dining terrigal central coast nsw

Coco Bar & Dining, the brainchild of two couples – Nicole and Tim Gunasinghe, Monique and Paul Anderson – is not just a restaurant, it’s an experience created with passion, innovation, and a sprinkle of nostalgia.

“We wanted to create something that resembled what we’re looking for in a venue that offers amazing food, excellent service, great wines, cocktails, and a relaxed atmosphere. Add in the cool 80s music and it’s just a really fun venue to be in,” Tim said.  

coco bar and dining terrigal central coast nsw

Just over seven months later, the venue has carved a niche for itself in the already bustling foodie scene of Terrigal.

“The market has really loved our offering and the vibe of the venue.”

The food and drink offering is as diverse and vibrant as the owners themselves. A true fusion restaurant, the menu offers customers a wide variety of cuisines from different parts of Asia.

coco bar and dining terrigal central coast nsw

“Our menu offers flavours from Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Indonesia. We are currently working on other dishes for countries like Sri Lanka. All of our dishes are modernised to suit today’s palate.”

Some of Tim’s standout dishes include the Sticky Korean Lamb Shoulder with kimchi, the Taiwanese Chicken with ginger and shallots, and the Szechuan Eggplant with Vietnamese lemongrass caramel.

coco bar and dining terrigal central coast nsw

Now to the name – what’s the story there?

“The name Coco came from when we were on holidays. We were lying under coconut palms, and I said to Nicole, we should call the Restaurant Coco, as most Asian countries have coconut palms as it represents a common link with all Asian countries.

“We didn’t realise at the time, but if you put CO CO on top of each other it looks like 88 – which is our address – 88 Terrigal Esplanade.”

coco bar and dining terrigal central coast nsw

The interiors offer an extension of the brand’s eclectic personality, from the ceiling adorned with cane lanterns and plants to the aged copper tables and brass highlights at the bar.

More than just a restaurant, Coco Bar & Dining is a celebration of culinary diversity, creativity, and camaraderie. With its fusion cuisine and vibrant ambiance, it’s no surprise that CoCo has quickly become a local favourite.