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Best Restaurant Cocktail Menu

Presented by Soqual Creative Agency

From innovative concoctions that push the boundaries to the classics that never go out of style, Best Restaurant Cocktail Menu recognises the restaurants that have nailed the art of the cocktail menu.

Whether you’re craving a bold creation or a smooth sipper, these restaurants have got you covered with a menu that’s as diverse as it is delicious. While a great menu on its own is a must, it needs staff members who know their stuff and share their expertise with a smile.

The Best Restaurant Cocktail Menu considers the art of food and cocktail pairing – because, after all, having your drink matched to your food is just so satisfying.

We’re raising a glass to the restaurants redefining the dining experience one sip at a time.

* A copy of the restaurants current cocktail list must be submitted along with nomination.
** Category open to any restaurant with a featured cocktail list located within the restaurant.
*** The award is open to restaurants located within the Newcastle LGA.

Thank you to our category sponsor Soqual Creative Agency for their support.

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