The Awards

Best Hotel Cocktail Menu

Highlighting Newcastle's best hotel cocktail menu

While we all love a pub feed and a schooner enjoyed in a beer garden, there’s something to be said for a well-done cocktail at your local. Best Hotel Cocktail Menu recognises exactly this – the pubs that are killing it with their cocktails.

A quality hotel cocktail menu isn’t just an afterthought – it’s a core part of the venue’s drinks offering, featuring a diverse range of interesting spirits and presented with style. The menu is a complete concept, rather than simply a jumble of ingredients.

We’re toasting to the mixologists who are shaking things up (literally and figuratively) with their creativity behind the bar, all while pleasing the masses.

* A copy of the current cocktail list must be submitted along with nominations.
** Category open to any venue with a featured cocktail list located within at least one bar.
*** The award is open to hotels located within the Newcastle LGA.