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Become a cocktail mastermind with The Anchorage at Port Stephens

Picture this: A cruisey summer afternoon. Sunlight bounces over a still, glassy Corlette Beach and through the windows exposing panoramic views of the incredible Port Stephens waterways. You’re perched at a marble-topped bar, surrounded by plush velvet, soft leather, and blue-green hues that conjure up a sense of luxury and seaside charm.

summer at the anchorage port stephens nsw

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Now, at The Anchorage Port Stephens, you’re invited to enjoy the Hamptons-chic haven and its natural surroundings, all while mastering the art of mixology with a Cocktail Masterclass!

summer at the anchorage port stephens nsw

From 3.30pm every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, one of the resident mixologists at Moby's Bar at The Anchorage will guide your private group of two to eight people through the creation of two classic cocktails plus one of your own choosing.

The friendly staff make an effort to understand the types of flavours and drinks you enjoy, ensuring that you learn how to make a cocktail you’ll want to keep making, time and time again. They’ll share tips, tricks, and guidance, all while ensuring your techniques are honed to result in a delicious, perfectly balanced drink.

Our first creation was the classic French Gimlet—a combination of gin, elderflower liqueur, and fresh lime juice, shaken with ice before being strained into a small, dainty glass. Ellis, our expert bartender, lined up all the ingredients we required on the bar and directed us every step of the way; who knew there was a specific method to fitting cocktail shakers together, or to dismantling them? Not me, that’s for sure!

summer at the anchorage port stephens nsw

After enjoying our first creation, we were invited to choose a second. For something different, we went with an Old Fashioned made using Calvados, fresh apple, maple syrup, orange bitters, and angostura bitters.

To dilute, chill and combine our creation, we were taught to twist a bar spoon through our fingers, stirring it around a glass mixing jar, before straining the cocktail into a lowball glass over a large ice cube. A few slices of apple on the side, a spritz of bitters from a perfume bottle, and voila! Ready to enjoy!

summer at the anchorage port stephens nsw

At this point you’re served a delicious antipasto grazing board of cheeses, cured meats, dips, pickles, and crispy toasted sourdough to enjoy in the luxurious, nautical-inspired atmosphere; a moment to pause and take in the view before coming up with your very own cocktail recipe!

For your third and final creation, you’re invited to work with your bartender to establish a completely unique cocktail—your own personal masterpiece or, at least, a twist on a classic recipe.

summer at the anchorage port stephens nsw

Enjoy rum? Prefer gin? Perhaps fluffy egg-white cocktails are your thing, or maybe you’re more of a fan of citrussy, zesty sours? Whatever your preference, Moby's Bar’s extensive selection of spirits, liqueurs, fruits, and sweeteners means the drink of your dreams is only a short mix, stir or shake away from reality.

summer at the anchorage port stephens nsw

Open to the public as well as to The Anchorage’s guests, Cocktail Masterclasses at Moby's Bar offer a unique way to enjoy the Hamptons-inspired luxury hotel and spa and are the perfect bonding activity to supplement a weekend away, dinner, or night out.

summer at the anchorage port stephens nsw

Walk away with a newfound respect for the art of mixology, a solid understanding of the interactions between various alcohols and liqueurs, and a lasting ability to wow future dinner party guests who might be lucky enough to indulge in one of your creations!

Bookings are essential and must be made 24 hours in advance. For more information click here.