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Newcastle Airport

10 reasons why we need to be flying out of Newcastle Airport

Whether you’re flying to Brisbane, Byron, the Gold Coast or heading off to Europe, the question of “should we fly out of Newcastle Airport?” has more than likely come up.

Sydney Airport has always been the go-to, but in the last few years, things have definitely changed. We can easily come up with 10 reasons why Newcastle Airport should be the departure point for your next trip.

1. It’s SO close, like 25 minutes up the road. 

2. There are no traffic dramas on the way to Williamtown, seriously we can’t complain! Gone is the worry of missing your flight because you're stuck on the M1. 

3. There’s parking right at the front door, perfect for that weekend away in Brisbane or business trip to Melbourne. 

4. If you’re going to be away for more than a week, the Long Stay Saver Car Park is a cheap option. 'I'll drive you to Sydney Airport' said no one ever!  

5. The check-in counter kiosks are super quick, no massive line ups to contend with. 

Newcastle Airport

6. The food and coffee options have taken a giant leap forward. Between the Epicure Kitchen and Hunter & King Coffee Co. you’ve got plenty of quality options to pick from.

7. The Broughton & Bay Bar makes for the perfect spot to have a pre-holiday glass of something. The massive glass windows are perfect for watching the planes, and quickly put you in holiday mode.

8. Newcastle Airport has made it super easy to keep you connected with the charger wall station and the latest addition, the seat phone charger. Love it!

Newcastle Airport

9. Whilst flying to the Gold Coast, Melbourne or Brisbane is a no-brainer from Newcastle Airport, travelling overseas is now becoming an equally convenient option. Whether you transit through Melbourne or Brisbane on your way to Bali or Europe there aren’t too many destinations you can’t connect to these days.

10. The International Airport is oh-so close, the lowdown is that they are just waiting on an airline partner to come on board. No one can say exactly when this will happen, but when it does, hello Singapore, Bali and beyond.... Fingers crossed anyway.

One final thing to consider, when booking your next flight, is to remember that the more people who fly out of Newcastle Airport, the more attractive it becomes to an airline partner. So if you're as keen as us to see some international flights taking off you'd best be booking your next holiday out of your local Airport! 

Hero image credit - Murray McKean