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Infrared saunas and wellness in Nelson Bay

In case you hadn’t heard, Nelson Bay is home to a new wellness space – introducing Laze.

Home to infrared saunas, float therapy, ice baths, and massage therapy, Laze is all about rest and recovery.

laze infrared saunas port stephens

Brought to you by Alex Mignanelli and Jono Elwell, Laze was opened in May this year, and has been quietly bringing its relaxing treatments to locals and visitors since.

The idea to bring an innovative wellness spa to Port Stephens came from Alex and Jono’s shared appreciation for the benefits of treatments like infrared saunas.

Jono has run his own carpentry business for a decade, but due to the hard work over the years, he experienced stiff joints, aches, and pains.

laze infrared saunas port stephens

In 2022, while travelling in Indonesia, Jono was recommended float therapy, infrared sauna, and ice baths.

“I felt relief after my first session and couldn’t get enough!” Jono said.

The pair hope that people who come to Laze for a treatment will feel the same. In a world where stress is the norm, a visit to Laze is not only feels good for your body, but it provides a moment of calm for your busy mind.

There are four main services on offer at Laze – infrared sauna, float therapy, ice baths, and massage therapy – and there are so many ways to experience them.

If you’re curious, try out a single session in the sauna, float tank, or ice bath, either on your own or with a friend or partner.

laze infrared saunas port stephens

There’s also packages available that bundle multiple treatments for a discount, and memberships for those who are serious about getting your favourite treatment on the regular.

With three infrared sauna suites, two ice baths, two massage areas, one open float tank, and a decompression room, there’s plenty of space for you to relax.

While the treatments themselves are a great way to unwind, Laze’s beautiful interior certainly helps.

As you walk along Yacaaba Street, you might miss Laze if you aren’t paying attention. The 80s brick facade might look dated if it were another business, but Alex and Jono have embraced the arch details to blend seamlessly into the minimalistic interior.

laze infrared saunas port stephens

Prior to becoming Laze, the building was unoccupied for some time, so Alex and Jono had a huge renovation job on their hands. Luckily, the duo are both are experienced carpenters. Assisted by a team of tradies, they transformed the space in just over three months.

“We would work our carpentry jobs during the day and dedicate nights and weekends to Laze,” Alex said.

laze infrared saunas port stephens

The result is a calming, contemporary space, featuring curved walls, neutral tones, and soft lighting. 

Ready to experience it for yourself? Time to book in for some rest and recovery at Laze.

Photography: Matt Baker at Darklight Creative