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Jump aboard Envision and catch a glimpse of the whales hitting the humpback highway

We’re right in the thick of the whale watching season and the aquatic hub of Port Stephens is absolutely booming with activity!

Being one of the most scenic spots along the coast to catch a glimpse of the whales, Port Stephens is lucky enough to see the mammals come close to the coastline and can even be spotted from many of the local cafes and areas holiday homes.

aquamarine adventures whale watching port stephens

It’s not only Humpbacks that you’ll see, but Minke Whales are also regularly spotted in Winter alongside a handful of Southern Right Whales, and Bryde Whales year-round. If the conditions are suitable, they’ll even drop in the hydrophone so you can hear the whales singing.

Of course, it's not all about the whales (even though they may be my personal favourite), the 90minute cruise will almost certainly give you opportunities to spot the over 140 bottlenose dolphins in Port Stephens or the lazy seals basking in the sun-soaked rocks. 

aquamarine adventures whale watching port stephens

Jump aboard with local whale whisperer and photographer, Lisa Skelton and see the magnificent Humpback Whales with a relaxed, personalised and crowd-free experience Envision with Aquamarine Adventures.

aquamarine adventures whale watching port stephens

The best part? They have a Whale guarantee; if you don’t spot whales, you’ll get a voucher to come back and try again for FREE.

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