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Burbridge + Burke

Quality Australian art & design in Port Stephens

Our studio is also an open public retail space where people can drop by and see us working and find out more about our design process.

Burbridge + Burke, a homewares, art and design store has opened up in sunny Nelson Bay. Only just a few months old, owners Kim and Claire are showing no signs of slowing down.

Positioned in an up and coming creative community in the bay, Kim and Claire have carefully crafted a small design homeware store and studio.

“Having a studio space instore not only offers Kim to bring life to her personal creations, but openly welcomes customers to come in, have a chat and watch as she pieces together her one of a kind jewellery designs,” Claire told me.

Both embodying a creative spark, their mutual love of design was fuelled through their first passion of renovating houses, as a new year resolution they decided to try something new.

“We’d decided to have a sea change to sell up, cash in and just do it.”

Claire holds a degree in Industrial Design and is a true minimalist at heart. She creates a range of pieces that are all about clean lines, elegance in simplicity and are strikingly, and stunningly timeless.

Kim brings her passion for colours and patterns to the table with her eclectic jewellery designs. She’s got a natural knack with texture, scale, space, and form; which became particularly clear in the time that the pair worked on three separate renovation projects. It was the success of these reno projects that really made the idea of opening up a retail space a reality.

The couple conceptualise, prototype and produce a range of their own furniture, indoor and outdoor pieces for the home as well as jewellery and wearables. Their stunning pieces sit alongside some of the most well-known Aussie lifestyle brands such as Lumiere Art & Co, Kirralee & Co, and even local favs Mustard Made and Willow By The Sea.

The store stocks a beautiful range of products, with a lot of their treasures found from constant online searches, Kim and Claire are always on the lookout for new Australian designers within the community.

“We want to support other like-minded people out there that are giving it a go.”

Burbridge + Burke is a must stop shop for those wanting to learn more about their buying habits. Bringing that awareness of knowing where a product comes from to the forefront, with both the girls having a strong desire for it to be Australian.

Burbridge + Burke have exciting plans for the future, Kim hopes to run instore jewellery workshops for both kids and adults, as well as Claire seeking local manufacturers to take her designs to the next level.

Burbridge + Burke

10/23 Stockton Street, Nelson Bay, 2315

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