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Two Bobs Bakery

Freshly baked sourdough at The Bay

Everything is hand shaped, I want it to be as authentic and delicious as possible

After a long career in the hospitality industry, from London to Cape Town and Prague in between, business owners and partners; Nikki and Rob have finally opened up their own sourdough bakery away from the hustle and bustle in Nelson Bay.

First meeting in London around 14 years ago whilst they were both working in restaurants run by Gordon Ramsay. Soon after meeting, Ramsay decided he wanted to expand his business and branch out by opening various restaurants across the world. To do this he needed a Head Chef, Sous Chef, and a Pastry Chef.

The opportunity fell into their hands and amazingly enough, Nikki was asked to be Pastry Chef and Rob, Sous Chef.

After quite the impressive start in the industry, the pair traveled extensively before returning to Australia seven years ago. First landing in Brisbane, then onto Sydney and finally now; Nelson Bay.

So, why Nelson Bay?

“We were fed up with Sydney so we thought let's just go for a holiday, so we just went and checked it out, we stayed in Fingal for a night and we were like 'should we just move here?' There were bakeries in the area but nothing dedicated to sourdough so we thought we would contribute to that as there is a lot of other good food!”

Now to the bread.

If you’re a lover of carbs, in particular, that of delicious hand-made, local bread; then Two Bobs should be high on your list to eat.

“Everything is hand shaped, I want it to be as authentic and delicious as possible, I came up with all the recipes myself...we also have different daily specials on top of our staple breads,” Nikki said.

Two Bobs regularly sell out, so if you want to snag up a certain loaf, then don’t leave it too late into the day.

“We start as early as 3am some mornings. I like everything to be as fresh as possible. I like to still be cooking as we open the doors so customers get a warm loaf of bread and so that you can see us shape it and see it getting baked,” Nikki said.

“We have loads of ideas for the area out the back, croissants, pastries, and cakes,” Nikki said.

So, if you’re in the area, or are a fiend for new bakeries; then check out Two Bobs Bakery in Nelson Bay.

Two Bobs Bakery

8 Yacaaba Street, Nelson Bay, NSW, 2315

Today - 0730 - 1600