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Winter classes are now open

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Photography courtesy of Edwina Richards

With the world of ceramics seeing a massive resurgence, is 2019 the year that you learn to throw, trim, hand build and glaze. 

Starting this Winter Simone is re-opening her 4 & 8 week Beginner Courses for you to try your hand at; 

Workshōpp Ceramics + Classes

Handbuilding 2 Hour Class / $65
Learn the beauty of hand building ceramics! All materials + firing included
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4 Week Beginners Courses / $260
Wheel, Trimming and Glazing! One month of complete clay play
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Wheel Throwing 2 Hour Class / $65
Learn to use the pottery wheel!
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Glazing 2 Hour Class / $65
Now you've mastered the basics, it's time to get your colour on! 
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Workshopp is open to anyone keen to get behind the wheel and start crafting their very own ceramic magic. Under the watchful eye of ceramicist Simone Madigan, you will be guided through the wedging, throwing, trimming and glazing process to help you craft your very own cup, bowl or whatever you’re inspired to create.

The newly expanded pottery studio is a stunning addition and makes for the ideal space to get a little muddy in. What's most to love is that the courses are designed to fit into even the most busy of lives with Simone explaining,


“The courses are structured so there is an introductory class which provides you with the basics of handbuilding or throwing onto the wheel, which is then followed by the ‘Studio Sessions’, which each run for two hours, and every Studio Session has an instructor present to help you learn and practice your new techniques.”




“We offer an online booking system to provide as much flexibility around class dates and times as possible. What I was finding was that because people are so busy, committing to a 6 or 10 week course was a little daunting."

“To get your pieces from start to finish it takes about 3 weeks to a month, it’s a long process but that’s what people really enjoy about it. Each step can be meditative, relaxing and very enjoyable.”
WorkshoppWith the full range of classes taking place each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a ceramic class may, or may not, have been something you've considered before, but with the challenge comes great rewards and the chance to learn a new skill that you will only want to continue to master.

Workshopp Ceramics, 2 Harris Street
Maryville 2293
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